Backup and Restore your COVID-19 Data in Salesforce with Odaseva

State and local governments around the globe are establishing Salesforce orgs for urgent COVID-19 related processes like contact tracing and collecting vaccination data.

This data is especially critical. It can save lives as the rapidly-changing pandemic rages on. But unfortunately it’s also vulnerable to attacks from malicious actors, from external parties to rogue employees, or even from innocent mistakes made by people with permission to access it.

There is zero room for error when it comes to protecting this data. A data loss or corruption incident can lead to hours, days, or even weeks of downtime and that's if the data can be recovered at all.

Odaseva protects you against this threat. As the #1 Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce, Odaseva can:

  • Backup your data as often as every 15 minutes
  • Restore data from a backup in just one click
  • Keep it compliant with privacy regulations like HIPAA
  • Provide hands-on training and support through our Managed Backup Services team to get you up and running fast

State and local governments around the world already rely on Odaseva to protect their COVID-19 contact tracing and vaccination data in Salesforce. Our commitment to data security exceeds the requirements of even the most complex, highly regulated businesses in the world. We’re ISO 27001:2013 certified, compliant with SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and Privacy Shield, and audited by Ernst & Young. It’s a huge reason why governments and leading enterprises trust Odaseva.

Our security is unmatched by any other Salesforce data platform. Odaseva is a no-view provider, which means that only you can see your data—not Odaseva engineers or data center employees. Data is encrypted at five levels, including the disk-level and OS-level, combining state-of-the-art encryption patterns. That’s great for you and a nightmare for anyone trying to attack your data.

And if the worst does happen and your mission-critical Salesforce data is lost or corrupted, Odaseva will restore your data completely and effectively so you’re up and running immediately. Contact Odaseva today to learn how you can join other state and local governments in protecting your COVID-19 data: www.odaseva.com/contact-us/

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