Nuggets Solutions for the Public Sector

Nuggets’ solutions are based on Verified Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity and W3C Verifiable Credentials, making it trusted, private and secure.

Nuggets’ modular platform is available for immediate use and can be integrated with existing CIAM services, wallets or platforms. Customers can white label and customise the platform and wallet to their needs to accelerate deployment and rollout.


Identity Verification & Validation During Enrollment


Simple one-time capture and validation of a government-issued photo ID or NFC e-Passport with biometric face verification and liveness check - supporting NIST IAL 2. Stored as verifiable credentials for privacy-enhancing selective sharing.

Reusable and Portable Personal Identity


Selectively share high assurance attributes from a previously enrolled verified and validated identity to third-party systems - with end-to-end portability for identity assurance supporting NIST IAL 2 - which provides secure personalisation.

Reusable and Portable Organizational Identity


Selectively share attributes from a previously enrolled verified and validated business identity to third-party systems - as part of supply chains and business partnerships - to reduce fraud and improve assurance during data sharing.

Share From Mobile Digital Wallet


Users have complete ownership and control over their personal data through a decentralized self-sovereign identity wallet that securely stores verifiable credentials, eliminating the risk of data breaches. This can be used for identity, compliance, and payments.

Simple to Integrate Verifiable Credentials


Nuggets uses open standard specifications, including W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs), Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs), DIDComm Messaging (DIDComm), and OAuth 2.0, OID4VC, OID4VCI, OID4VP, which enables global, private, and secure interoperability for verified and validated identity data.

Privacy Enhancing Storage


Industry-standard public key cryptography provides a distributed way of protecting key personal data, reducing single points of failure and allowing selective sharing.

Strong Passwordless Authentication


Password-free login for customers and staff, which leverages something you have and are - removes the ability for credentials to be tracked, intercepted or stolen, supporting NIST AAL2.

Strong Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication (MFA)


Strong customer authentication through the use of standards-based cryptography and biometrics verified against government-issued photo IDs - to support the likes of PSD2 SCA and NIST AAL2.

Secure Account Reset and Recovery


Biometric verification and authentication for secure account reset and recovery. The user’s identity is tied to high assurance biometrics and verifiable credentials, reducing account takeover attempts during recovery.

High-Risk Transaction Authorization


Nuggets provides seamless transaction assurance for high-risk events involving access, payment processing or online events. With biometrics and verifiable credentials resulting in event enforceability and fulfilment.

Enhanced Compliance Support


Auditable Nuggets of information are encrypted with the private keys of transaction participants for access and retention regulation and compliance - providing simple and repeatable identity and data management.

Seamless and Secure Biometric Single Sign-on


Seamless login support for a range of applications, web services and transaction processing scenarios. High assurance authentication (supporting NIST AAL2 and PSD2/SCA) via verified and validated biometrics, allowing seamless access to connected applications.

Privacy Preserving Age Verification


Verify a user’s age without revealing sensitive personal data through the use of Zero-Knowledge Proofs - to provide high assurance attribute verification via selective-sharing.

Personal Data Storage Migration


Leverage existing identity provider infrastructure and identity providers (IDP) and overlay Nuggets for strong authentication and collection of additional verified credentials and IAL proofing data. Securely store personal data in Nuggets' encrypted private distributed wallet.

High Assurance Identity Authenticated Payments


Every payment is tied to a verified digital identity to prevent fraud and eliminate false positives in a secure and compliant manner. Supports a more personalised and secure digital processing fabric.

Professional Services


Specialists in verified decentralized self-sovereign identity, data privacy and security, we offer comprehensive digital/IT services, including strategy, training, design, software engineering, deployment and delivery.