NowSecure Solutions for the Public Sector

  • NowSecure Platform

    Purpose-built for mobile security and development teams to build, vett and deploy secure mobile apps faster at scale.

    NowSecure Platform

    The NowSecure Platform in one easy-to-use portal centralizes and automates modern mobile app security and privacy testing for multiple use cases: mobile DevSecOps, mobile app NIAP certification, and mobile app supply chain risk management. Integrate directly into your mobile DevSecOps toolchain for continuous security testing. Plug into your MDM/EMM/UEM and procurement process for continuous mobile app vetting for supply chain risk management. Tap on demand for NIAP certification to achieve ATO faster. Read More on NowSecure Platform or Learn about NIAP certification.

  • NowSecure Workstation

    Built by mobile app pen testers for pen testers, this pre-configured hardware & software kit compresses mobile app security, compliance and privacy testing time from days to hours and enables repeatable testing with pre-formatted reporting built in. Rather than cobbling together numerous open source and third party tools for painful manual testing and report write-ups, NowSecure provides an all-in-one, wizard-driven approach to interactively test your mobile apps on network or in air-gapped scenarios and then rapidly generate customizable reports. Read More

  • NowSecure Mobile Pen Testing Service

    Built on 10 years of mobile forensics with more than 10,000 mobile app pen tests completed, NowSecure Pen Testing Services provides the deepest analysis available in the industry. Full scope pen tests delivered by NowSecure expert analyst includes full threat assessment, detailed attack scenarios and remediation instructions, and full battery of advanced testing including on device, man-in-the-middle, reverse engineering, crypto, runtime, and backend/API endpoint analysis. Customizable to meet specific needs of any agency. Read More

  • NowSecure Mobile Security Training Courseware

    NowSecure offers professional group training courseware as key components of growing a scalable mobile application security program. NowSecure offers three sets of paid training courses:

    • Mobile Security Analyst Best Practices for pen testers and security analysts to teach them mobile app pen testing skills.
    • Mobile Dev Security Best Practices for mobile app developers to teach secure coding best practices
    • Reverse Engineering with Frida for pen testers and security analysts to learn advanced pen testing techniques using the popular advanced Frida tools

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