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How to Exploit Android WebViews with Frida

Beware: Cyberattackers can exploit Android WebViews to steal user credentials or perform phishing by directing traffic to a malicious site. Learn More.

NIAP Mobile App Vetting — NowSecure Announces World’s First Automated Testing Solution

Mobile apps are critical to enabling the U.S. federal agencies such as the U.S Department of Defense to meet their mission. Core to that mission is ensuring a high security testing bar for the mobile apps they build and use. Until now, completing that security compliance testing has been a complicated, time-consuming manual process that was built for web apps, not mobile apps. Learn More...

Beware of Mobile App Supply-Chain Attacks

The recent SolarWinds supply-chain attacks demonstrate the need to focus on the entire IT landscape and underscore the risks posed throughout elements of the supply chain. All enterprises and federal agencies use commercial mobile apps and therefore are exposed to risks of mobile app supply-chain attacks, yet few are protected. Mobile apps have become the new gateway to the enterprise and should concern executives, business leaders, and security, risk and compliance professionals. Learn more...