Netskope for the Public Sector

A secure access service edge (SASE) is an architecture first described by Gartner that protects data through zero trust security standards wherever it moves.

The security side of the SASE architecture is built with security service edge (SSE) tools. Those security tools allow agencies to identify users and devices, apply policy-based security, and grant secure access to the appropriate application or data – which are all critical elements of zero trust security. A SASE architecture supported by SSE tools offers secure access no matter where users, data, applications, or devices are located, helping agencies take control of complex – and dispersed – environments.

The Netskope Security Cloud is a FedRAMP-certified cloud security platform that helps agencies meet security and compliance requirements and ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.

The Netskope Security Cloud offers:

  • Insider threat prevention capabilities that can help agencies detect and prevent insider threats in their cloud environments
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities that can help agencies maintain service availability and ensure that sensitive data is protected in the event of a disaster or outage
  • The Netskope Security Cloud includes, Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge tools:
  • Netskope Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Netskope Cloud Firewall
  • Netskope Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Netskope Private Access, a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solution

Netskope uses a hybrid architecture for its SSE security tools that combines cloud-based and on-premises components. This hybrid approach provides additional flexibility and customization options for agencies that have specific security requirements that cannot be fully met by a cloud-native tool.

Netskope SSE tools offer:

  • Simplicity through powerful, integrated capabilities across the policy administration lifecycle
  • Sophisticated cloud security using granular context and deep visibility
  • Zero trust security with continuous adaptive controls for access, data movement, and threat protection
  • Data protection with single-pass inspection across all channels based on artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven innovation for scale and efficacy
  • Fast connections to boost agency productivity and agility and improve the user experience, allowing workers to connect from anywhere and access the web, cloud, and
  • private applications using zero trust principles
  • Powerful, built-in security analytics that provide SecOps teams with a deeper
  • understanding of risk factors

To learn more, reach out to the Netskope Carahsoft Team.