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Experience Netskope

Explore the Netskope Hands On Labs trainings below.

  • Introduction to Netskope Next Gen Secure Web Gateway

    Explore the evolving digital landscape with Netskope Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway. Discover how it protects enterprise networks and ensures secure web access from any location or device. Dive into the self-guided lab to learn about implementing risk-based controls, managing SaaS applications, and ensuring secure yet agile usage.

  • Hands-on Lab SSE

    Introduction to Netskope Intelligent SSE

    Explore Netskope Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway to fortify your enterprise networks and ensure secure web access. Review the self-guided lab to learn about implementing risk-based controls and managing SaaS applications securely and efficiently.

  • Hands-on Lab NPA

    Introduction to Netskope Private Access

    In today's digital landscape, remote work is ubiquitous, presenting ongoing security challenges globally. Netskope Private Access pioneers Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, ensuring robust security while prioritizing user experience, showcased in the exclusive, self-paced lab experience.

  • Hands-on Lab Borderless SD-WAN

    Introduction to Netskope Borderless SD-WAN

    Explore the dynamic potential of Netskope Borderless SD-WAN in the interactive lab, where you'll discover how to optimize networks and simplify operations for the borderless world of networking and security. Gain hands-on experience creating policies and optimizing traffic, with 48 hours to complete your immersive journey upon activation.

  • SASE Accreditation

    The SASE Accreditation On-Demand Hands-On Lab Introduction to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    Discover the transformative power of SASE firsthand in the interactive lab, where networking and security professionals gain insights into enhancing visibility and streamlining security stacks. Engage in self-paced accreditation, exploring SASE architecture, SD-WAN evolution, Security Service Edge benefits, and IT organization dynamics, with the flexibility to complete the experience within two weeks of activation.