Netaphor Solutions for the Public Sector

Are you struggling to update printer asset data in ServiceNow?
Are you looking to understand/reduce print-related costs and manage this in ServiceNow?

Netaphor SiteAudit helps you to:

  • Discover all brands/types of your print devices and presents a hierarchical inventory view of all printers by location and department
  • Harden your printers – Regular reporting on printer security vulnerabilities, including visibility to open ports, SNMP community name/version, and printer firmware level – Even create ServiceNow tickets if designated ports are reopened after hardening!
  • Map printers on a floor plan
  • Speed up ticket resolution time while reducing helpdesk support costs
  • Update the ServiceNow CMDB with printer asset data while automating service ticketing, routing, and associated workflows
  • Identify costs and other usage data, governance, and SLA data to manage vendors supplying print devices/services
  • Manage all of your printers’ usage, security, and incidents in ServiceNow
site audit.png onsite architecture.svg
  • Netaphor SiteAudit OnSite
    • SiteAudit OnSite is an on-premise, behind the firewall, application that serves as a single source of truth, transparency and automation for your printers, regardless of brand
    • SiteAudit OnSite provides visibility to security vulnerabilities and cost drivers along with ITSM integration, CMDB updates and ticketing automation
  • Netaphor SiteAudit Analyzer/Visualizer
    • Visualization reporting platform for auditing and ongoing management of your printer fleet, making analysis simple to understand, digest and share with management
  • Netaphor ServiceNow Connector
    • Integrate management of printers with ServiceNow - Manage all printer usage/security/incidents in ServiceNow
    • Update ServiceNow CMDB and extend printer CI
    • Automate service ticketing, routing and associated workflows, removing the human element from service ticketing and thus speed up time ticket resolution time and reduce helpdesk support costs
  • Netaphor Professional Services
    • Installation/Deployment, training and report customization
    • SiteAudit BackOffice Services provides the tools for integration SiteAudit data with third-party software