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Enhance data-driven insights with Aerial Imagery and Geospatial Data

Nearmap is a pioneering technology and innovation company whose cloud-based geospatial information services and aerial surveys provide certainty to an ever-changing world. We promise our customers the truth in the detail of the world we live in, offering easy access to up-to-date and historic geospatial information and aerial surveys that organizations depend on as their source of truth.

With wide-scale coverage, frequent updates, high-resolution imagery and AI datasets, Nearmap provides better current, contextual knowledge of public assets including – locations and conditions, streets, and highways – using:

  • high-resolution vertical, oblique, and panoramic aerial imagery
  • historic captures
  • frequently updated city-scale 3D datasets
  • verified pre-processed property insights
  • AI Data layers (including impervious surfaces datasets)

State and local government can strengthen their digital transformation strategy with current, contextual aerial content. Whether it's gathering and sharing accurate data, deploying the most up-to-date software, or improving cross-department collaboration, access to the right tools can accelerate your transformation and help you build the smart cities of tomorrow.

Confidently manage your urban infrastructure and streamline workflows while easily locating, collecting, and managing data to assess conditions of public assets and make better informed decisions about capital improvement projects.

Nearmap proactively captures over 80 percent of the U.S. population up to three times each year with industry-disrupting efficiency—made possible by our patented camera sensors and the most advanced imagery processing pipelines in the world—and our subscription model allows you to access Nearmap imagery in the cloud, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. We change the way people view the world, so they can profoundly change the way they work.

Founded in 2007, Nearmap was named as one of the world’s 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2020 by Fast Company magazine. With offices in the United States and Australia, Nearmap has a global customer base including government agencies and enterprises for whom current, reliable, and truthful data is essential to critical decision making and operational workflows.

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