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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) for Government

MuleSoft drives mission success for federal agencies by accelerating IT project delivery through API-led connectivity.

Our AnyPoint Platform supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid integration between any application, data source, or device. By exposing these data assets through re-usable APIs, our platform can 3X the speed of project delivery, reduce integration costs by over 30%, and improve data governance for Federal IT teams.

We are currently deployed in 7 of the 9 largest US federal agencies, supporting initiatives to modernize legacy systems, facilitate cloud adoption, establish shared services frameworks, and drive interoperability.

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Anypoint Platform

Partner Calendar


State and Local

NASPO ValuePoint

Oct 14, 2016- Sep 15, 2026

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

Apr 11, 2016- Nov 30, 2022

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056A

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available


Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP)

May 20, 2019- Mar 01, 2023

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022


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Latest News

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With FedRAMP Authorization, Government Agencies Can Leverage Anypoint Platform to Accelerate Project Delivery and Reduce Costs by Managing Integrations and APIs from a Unified, Secure Cloud Platform
SAN FRANCISCO – June 25, 2019 – Leading enterprises are building application networks and enabling innovation across their organizations with MuleSoft. Thousands of customers rely on Anypoint ...
SAN FRANCISCO – May 15, 2019 – New release enables organizations to build a thriving ecosystem of developers and partners, co-creating value in the API economy.
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Training and Certifications

Click here to sign up for MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 2 (Mule 4).


Today, with the help of MuleSoft and Salesforce, the ICA is ready to eliminate paper processes through the decommissioning of agency mainframe legacy systems and move away from many manual processes that currently exist.

Using MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity approach combined with the power of Tableau, government agencies can greatly simplify the delivery of data-driven analytics projects through a three-step approach: Discover and Unlock DataAnalyze DataAct on Data

Case Study

This government agency needed to overcome the challenge of serving an expanding customer base in the face of reduced funding and high demand for cost savings and faster turnaround. Hampered by budget cuts from sequestration, the agency needed to find a more efficient and effective method to meet cus...

MuleSoft Case Study
In MuleSoft, this national postal service found the right solution. With the Anypoint platform for APIs, they had all of the capabilities required to achieve their business transformation, in a single, coherent solution.


A MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 should be able to successfully work on basic Mule 4 projects with guidance and supervision. The MCD – Level 1 (Mule 4) exam validated that a developer has the required knowledge and skills to design, build, text and debug, deploy, and manage basic APIs and in...


Technology moves fast. As such, it’s a bizarre concept to think about connecting technology built decades ago with modern day gadgets. In this ebook, MuleSoft will share several points of view on how a thoughtful API strategy can help organizations take full advantage of emerging technology like AI ...


Businesses around the world are reopening their workplaces. But what are the next steps for CIOs to orchestrate a safe, fast, and efficient return to and grow in the new normal? Use this step-by-step guide to quickly plan, manage, and deliver mission-critical IT projects and more.

Information technology modernization is one of the hottest topics across government today. IT modernization has revolutionized efficiency, convenience and effectiveness for all users.


Government agencies across the globe - whether they be state, local, central, or federal - face a digital transformation imperative. Increasingly sophisticated digital services provided by the private sector have increased citizen expectations of government.