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MongoDB and Carahsoft have partnered to provide a series of self-guided tours for MongoDB's enterprise-ready Artificial Intelligence solutions. Similar to a live demonstration, these in-depth walkthroughs explore MongoDB's wide array of use cases that can help meet you and your organization’s unique IT needs.


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MongoDB AI Self-Guided Tour

MongoDB AI Self-Guided Tour

MongoDB offers a developer data platform that’s built to help improve constituent welfare by maximizing the power of an agency’s data, reduce database spending, and meet the strictest of compliance standards. Ran on an open source document database with a horizontal scale-out architecture and a flexible schema, MongoDB offers innovative and flexible data management, analysis, and app development. As a NoSQL database, MongoDB stores data in BSON (binary JSON) documents instead of tables or rows or columns. This scale-out architecture develops scalable applications with evolving data schemas. Developers can store structured or unstructured data easily using MongoDB’s document database. MongoDB handles high volume and scales both vertically and horizontally to accommodate large data loads, empowering government to go further and faster when developing software applications.

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Atlas for Government

Atlas for Government is one of the most innovative cloud database service on the market. It provides the versatility needed to modernize legacy applications and support the unique requirements and missions of the U.S. government – in a secure, fully-managed, dedicated FedRAMP® authorized environment. A4G is the most secure way for the U.S. government to deploy, run, and scale MongoDB in the cloud.


  • Accelerate time to mission. Move faster with a database designed for developer productivity with broad workload support.
  • Government-grade security. Secure by default and run in a FedRAMP Moderate Authorized, dedicated environment for U.S. government
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Atlas Vector Search

Create intelligent applications using semantic search and generative AI across diverse datasets. Combine your operational database and vector search seamlessly in one unified platform with a MongoDB native interface, allowing the utilization of large language models (LLMs) through well-known frameworks. Developers can leverage the power of Atlas Vector Search to craft AI-driven experiences, accessing comprehensive data via the MongoDB Query API for a unified and consistent developer experience. The introduction of the $vectorSearch aggregation stage further simplifies the process for existing MongoDB users.


  • Avoid the synchronization tax. Store vector embeddings right next to your source data and metadata with the power of the document model.
  • Accelerate your journey to building advanced search and generative AI applications by integrating with a wide variety of top LLMs and frameworks.
  • Easily automate provisioning, patching, upgrades, scaling, security, and disaster recovery while providing deep visibility into performance for both the database and Vector Search so you can focus on building applications.
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Generative AI Solutions

MongoDB's generative AI capabilities empower developers to build intelligent applications with advanced functionalities. Leveraging large language models (LLMs) through popular frameworks, MongoDB enables the creation of sophisticated AI-driven experiences. With MongoDB's generative AI, developers can seamlessly integrate semantic search and access diverse datasets, providing a powerful tool for enhancing application intelligence.


  • Optimized storage and tiering. Scale your storage and optimize costs while keeping data accessible.
  • Unify diverse data services by simplifying the AI lifecycle
  • Augment applications with GAI through natively integrated vector and document datastores without having to manage the extra infrastructure.
  • Optimize cost and performance without sacrificing data accessibility
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Flexible NoSQL Document Database Model

Document databases utilize the intuitive, flexible document data model to store data. Document databases are general-purpose databases that can be used for a variety of use cases across industries. MongoDB's flexible schema allows for the dynamic and agile structuring of data, accommodating changes without requiring a predefined schema. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in scenarios where the data structure evolves over time.


  • An intuitive data model that is fast and easy for developers to work with
  • A flexible schema that allows for the data model to evolve as application needs change
  • Ability to horizontally scale out
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Atlas Stream Processing

Transform building event-driven applications by continuously processing streams of data with a familiar developer experience. Atlas Stream Processing integrates the document model, adaptable schemas, and a robust aggregation language, offering an elevated level of capability and ease for developing applications that require processing complex event data at scale. Atlas Stream Processing paves the path to a responsive and reactive, real-time organization. Capabilities include continuous processing, continuous validation and continuous merge.


  • Unify data in motion and data at rest
  • Perform continuous schema validation to check that messages are properly formed, detect message corruption, and detect late-arriving data.
  • Fully managed in Atlas, building on our robust and integrated developer data platform
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Time Series Data Collection

Build and run data-intensive analytical applications by combining the flexibility of the document model with time series collections. Simplify and accelerate application development with native time series collections that automatically handle the complexities and challenges of time series data, without the need for extra instrumentation by developers. In addition, columnar storage and compression optimize for query speed and cost efficiency, even as data grows over time.


  • Build time series apps faster
  • Discovering insights and patterns from your time series data is easier with the unified Query API
  • Seamlessly manage the entire time series data lifecycle – ingest, storage, analysis, visualization, and archive
  • Reduce complexity and cost

MongoDB’s Benefits Snapshot:


  • Fully Scalable: Supports huge volumes of both data and traffic with its scale-out architecture.
  • Deployment Options: Available in any major public cloud such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Document Model: Store and retrieve data in any modern programming language with the document data model.
  • FedRAMP Authorized: MongoDB Atlas for Government has achieved FedRAMP Moderate authorization.