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Job-Embedded Professional Development for Teachers and Staff

MobileMind, a Google certified professional development partner, offers a cloud-based, asynchronous, job-embedded, professional learning hub designed to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom to improve student outcomes. The professional learning hub, accessible via the MobileMind browser extension, delivers anytime, anywhere access to personalized micro-courses, activity-based learning, digital badging, and reporting.

MobileMind for Google offers personalized, competency-based micro-courses on all Google Workspace for Education tools. Learners receive automated and human feedback from our certified educators on hands-on challenge submissions. With the help of MobileMind for Google, teachers engage with tools like Classroom, Docs, and Meet more frequently and efficiently in order to impact student learning. District leaders can leverage the learning hub's reporting abilities to track learner progress on assigned learning goals. Statistics such as last access, total badges earned, and time spent are just a few metrics district leaders can monitor. Leaderboards also create fun competition between learners!

In addition to MobileMind's digital badges, gamified micro-courses, and learning paths, instructional leaders can create their own as well! MobileMind is the only professional learning hub that allows districts to consolidate all PD initiatives, such as new teacher onboarding, state-mandated compliance, new technology tools, pedagogical strategies, and curriculum training.

Additionally, leaders can share any micro-courses they create with the MobileMind Community, the industry's first crowd-sourced PD solution, for other MobileMind districts to use! Furthermore, leaders can seamlessly manage all asynchronous and synchronous PD with MobileMind Sync, our full-service synchronous PD scheduler for single events like workshops and even conferences.