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Extending Zero Trust Security to Email

Material Security extends Zero Trust security to the mailbox by using the API’s of cloud email, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication platforms in unexpected ways to reduce the probability and severity of breaches, loss of sensitive information, targeted phishing, fraud, and lateral account takeover in an easy to deploy and manage solution.

Millions of businesses and individuals have become ever more reliant on digital means to conduct business and personal affairs. Email is often the preferred method of communication and an email address can serve as a digital identity, housing important personal information such as tax returns and health records. Security of these accounts is paramount to ensure that our critical information, wherever it may lay, is resilient against attacks from both criminal and state-sponsored attackers. Material can help the public sector perform risk analysis on cloud email accounts in the areas of breach risk, shadow IT, third-party risk, compliance violations, security hygiene, and more. The mission impact on the public sector will be to secure email from a growing number of external threats that without a doubt will eventually breach the perimeter security tools.

As proven by recent cyber attacks, the contents of an email are one of the primary targets for malicious actors. The risk grows significantly when we expand our focus to include the partners we interact with outside the public sector via email and consider the increasingly overwhelmed cybersecurity operators protecting the network. Material Security can be a force multiplier in these efforts and protect the public sector and information on cloud-email accounts even after a breach has occurred, unlike current solutions which try in vain to stop all attackers.

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