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See and build the future—faster.

The Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite helps teams see and build the future—faster. Elevate team collaboration through virtual whiteboarding, bring clarity to complex problems with intelligent diagramming, and increase alignment with cloud visualization. By having all of your information in a central location, team members across the globe have access to important information in real time so they never miss a beat.


Lucidspark gives you the power to host productive project brainstorming and ideation sessions with your team. The infinite canvas and collaboration features ensure there is space for everyone to share. Sort thoughts and discuss them with your team. Determine the next steps in your project and plan ahead.


Build out your process or product in Lucidchart from scratch or from hundreds of dynamic templates designed for project tracking, process mapping, and more. Lucidchart diagrams serve as source of truth for multiple stakeholders and are data-backed to reflect up-to-date information as data changes over time.


For teams working in the cloud, Lucidscale is a critical piece of the puzzle in the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite. Lucidscale brings clarity to their cloud architecture, depicting what actually exists so they can improve optimization and clearly communicate with internal teams and external stakeholders to drive digital transformation.

Lucid Software for Government

Government agencies and contractors leverage Lucid products to document teams and processes, plan project deliverables on-time and within budget, visualize cloud architecture, and more. Lucid offers a secure, cloud-based environment for government agencies to accomplish their objectives visually.

Government users rely on Lucid to communicate across teams and contractors, sharing information quickly and securely. Lucid allows them to illustrate team structures, timelines, budgets, scope, cloud architecture, and more. Leaders can deliver secure and accurate documentation to provide accountability and transparency to keep multiple stakeholders aligned.

Experience how the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite can help your team build a better future today.​