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Transform your multi cloud estate directly on ServiceNow.

Kumoco Cloud Manager is a Built On Now certified, FedRAMP approved cloud management application. We use AI powered recommendations to improve efficiency and simplicity while being fully native on ServiceNow. Automate oversight of your cloud estate and improve compliance, cost saving, and governance with Kumoco Cloud Manager.

Operational Orchestration

  • Manage your cloud resources by automatically setting resources, schedules, and cleaning up unused resources.
  • Use automation to schedule changes and updates, handled through change management.

Continual Analysis

  • Automatic retrieval of metrics generates cost saving recommendations that can be automatically implemented.
  • Constant auditing of security compliance checks, from cloud account levels down to cloud resource levels.


  • Automatically distribute billing and cost data into required allocation units on a daily basis directly from your cloud accounts.
  • Update your run-rate Forecasts and monitor budgets against your allocation units allowing transparency of cost before invoicing.

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