CipherDriveOne solutions allow organizations to secure their computer endpoints

KLC Group, LLC, is a US Based, Silicon Valley, software security company. KLC provides CipherDriveOne solutions that have FIPS-140-2 and Common Criteria certification.  All CipherDriveOne solutions are listed on the National Information Assurance Programs (NIAP) and the NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List. Both under Hardware Disk Encryption and software disk encryption, for Data-At-Rest Encryption and Strong Pre-Boot Authentication.

  • CipherDriveOne products provide robust and advanced solutions for safeguarding data-at-rest, ensuring the utmost security for sensitive information. Employing cutting-edge encryption technologies, CipherDriveOne ensures that data stored on various devices, such as hard drives and solid-state drives, remains impenetrable to unauthorized access. The products seamlessly integrate hardware-based encryption mechanisms, adding an extra layer of protection using software-based authentication.
  • With CipherDriveOne, organizations can confidently address compliance requirements and mitigate the risk of data breaches by establishing a secure barrier around their stored data. The comprehensive suite of features includes secure key management, authentication protocols, and tamper-evident mechanisms, contributing to a unified defense strategy against potential threats. As a result, CipherDriveOne stands as a reliable choice for enterprises in the government seeking a dependable and efficient solution to fortify the security of their data-at-rest (DAR).
  • CipherDriveOne is an Authorization Acquistion (AA) host software solution that manages any TCG OPAL SSD/HDD. This flexibility allows government customers the ability to provide secure storage of classified, secret, and top-secret data in accordance with the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program’s hardware Full Disk Encryption (HWFDE) standards.
  • CipherDriveOne Kryptr is an Authorization Acquisition (AA) and Encryption Engine (EE) software solution that installs on Linux8/9, Windows 10/11 operating systems. This complete solution allows government customers the ability to provide storage of classified, secret, and top-secret data in accordance with the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program’s software full disk encryption (SWFDE) standards.
  • When CipherDriveOne, the pre-boot authentication software, for TCG OPAL SSD/HDD Self-Encrypting Drives (hardware Full Disk Encryption - HWFDE), is combined with CipherDriveOne Kryptr software (full disk encryption - SWFDE), KLC can provide a Dual-DAR CSfC solution. This covers dual Authorization Acquisitions (AA both inner and outer layers provided via KLC CipherDriveOne and CipherDriveOne Kryptr, pre-boot authentication software) and dual Encryption Engines (EE hardware provided by TCG OPAL SSD/HDD hardware for outer layer HWFDE, and KLC CipherDriveOne Kryptr software for inner layer SWFDE).