Kinetica Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse
    • The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse combines historical and streaming data analysis with powerful location intelligence
    • Kinetica’s streaming and spatial analytics enable location and IoT use cases at scale and performance
    • Kinetica can ingest and store data, while analyzing that data in real time as it is received. Traditional data warehouses are designed to store batches of data, made available for analysis after the fact.
    • Kinetica includes the ability to operationalize your AI/ML models. We do this through our Active Analytics Workbench (AAW). With Kinetica, your models live on the same platform as your data
    • Kinetica includes full text search and graph / link analysis capabilities.
  • Kinetica Developer Edition

    The Kinetica Developer Edition is a free, easy-to-launch version of Kinetica that runs on a local laptop, allowing you to develop ideas and small-scale proof-of-concepts without worrying about license expiration.