Kharon Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Kharon ClearView

    A web-based business intelligence solution and search tool that enables users to quickly visualize information on affiliates of sanctions networks and other high-risk entities. Users can search for organizations, corporate entities, or individuals that are under sanctions, export control, military end user, or other relevant security restrictions. ClearView includes information on organizational, personnel, supply chain, and other connections to other listed actors based on Kharon’s research, including both official registration documentation and credible open-source information. Data within ClearView provides global coverage, with a special emphasis placed on sanctions and restrictions programs levied against Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

  • Kharon Dynamic Analytics

    Tailored, risk-relevant data extracts that can be ingested into screening filters and analytic environments. Kharon’s data is updated on a regular basis and quality assured for consistency, underlying source integrity, and to test the rigor and precision of analysis.

  • Kharon Brief

    In-depth investigations and analysis from Kharon’s subject matter experts on matters situated at the intersection of global security and commerce. Stay informed beyond the headlines on the latest developments involving forced labor and other sources of risk.