Keep it Human: Modern Defense against Digital Attacks

HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that collectively protects government agencies, public services, global enterprises and internet platforms from digital fraud and abuse. Our platform is built on top of a massive observability advantage and we protect >15 Trillion interactions a week, seeing over 50% of the global internet population and over 3 billion unique devices a month.

77% of all digital fraud leverages automation (bots) in the attack cycle. These sophisticated bots look and act like humans when they visit websites, fill out forms, take over accounts, scrape information, and commit payment fraud creating billions of dollars in losses for government entities and their users.

We Stop Them.

HUMAN'S Modern Defense Platform evaluates every interaction as part of our zero-trust approach, as the majority of the fraudulent activity originates from user devices infected with malware. The platform is powered by our Multilayered Detection Technology combining 2500 signals that we call technical evidence, machine learning, threat intelligence and continuous adaptation to solve key security pain points with state of the art accuracy.

HUMAN's co-founder and CEO, Tamer Hassan, is a decorated combat search and rescue helicopter pilot within the US Air Force, serving 2 tours in Afghanistan and 2 deployments in Iraq. HUMAN recently raised $100 million, with lead investors that include Goldman Sachs, NightDragon, and WestCap Group.