Hello Lamp Post Solutions for the Public Sector

What is Hello Lamp Post?

Hello Lamp Post is an entirely unique communication platform that helps you engage effectively with your community. We do this by creating interactive ‘personas’ (chat bots) for objects and places.

Whether you want to change behaviors, gather insights or reduce operating costs, we work closely with you to find an effective solution.

Think about the things your community loves, or that they use everyday. We use our tech to bring these objects and places to life and let them do the work for you.

We’ve created all sorts of interactive personas. For example:

●       Statues that share stories about local history

●       Planning notices that collect feedback for new projects

●       Recycling stations that talk about the local environment

●       Shop window displays that offer discount codes

  • Features

    Location relevant, chat system to activate public spaces

    On street engagement to gather anonymous insights and sentiment

    Engagement tool to share information at scale, on community initiatives

    Accessible and inclusive technology to engage hard to reach communities

    Automated customer experience - easier access to information and query answering

    Advanced qualitative and quantitative data analytics, enabling informal consultation

    Evaluation reports and dashboard with data and sentiment analysis

    Text based conversations via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp

    Flexibility to include multiple languages within specific locations

    Addresses multiple use cases (e.g. sustainability, transportation, public safety)

  • Benefits

    Increase inclusivity with diverse, widespread and underrepresented audiences

    Monitor real-time citizen perceptions and gather insights around key topics

    Benchmark and measure changing community behaviors over time

    Increase accessibility with low barrier to entry

    Improve internal efficiencies, by directing resource where it’s most needed

    Make decision processes more efficient, using evidence based data

    Automate query answering to increase staff resource and time

    Improve transparency and communication between decision makers and citizens

    Easily adaptable, customisable, always on engagement solution

    Flexibility to scale over time, according to engagement priorities

Key Terms

  • Project

    A long-term “campaign” around a particular subject, or a tool to help address a specific issue. A project will have its own unique set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

    Topic examples:

    An interactive tour, climate action information,
    Assisting home safety checks

  • Object

    A single physical “thing” in the real world.

    Every object has its own sign with a unique identifier code (via QR and/or an SMS hashtag), so you can tell where the conversations are happening.

    Object examples:

    • Lamp Post #1, Lamp Post #2, Lamp Post #3 etc
  • Pricing plans

    Flashlight - 40 x objects included in license
    Spotlight - 70 x objects included in license
    Floodlight - 100 x objects in license

Choose Your Plan

  • Basic (choice of Flashlight, Spotlight or Floodlight pricing plan):

    ● Full system set-up

    • 8x custom persona types/conversations per project
    • Optional AI with custom knowledge base

    ● A Project Manager assigned to you to help setup

    ● SMS, Facebook Messenger & Web App messaging platforms for user communications

    ● Access to your Engagement Hub (dashboard tool)

    ● Best practice guide for promotion and launch

    ● Our standard signage design template

    ● 1× ‘Virtual Persona’ for online and print comms

    ● Optional projects updates

    • Limited to once per quarter
  • Professional (choice of Flashlight, Spotlight or Floodlight pricing plan):

    In addition to Basic Plan features…

    ● A dedicated Project Manager throughout your license

    ● Frequent reporting and in-depth analytics

    ● WhatsApp integration available on request

    ● A ‘Virtual Agent’ for your website

    ● Multi-language support

    ● Marketing & Comms support

    ● Rich media integration: share videos, images and URLs in your outbound messages

    ● Bespoke signage design tailored for your brand and audience

  • Custom

    Not sure what’s best for you? We understand that all our customers are different, and so are their needs.

    We can offer flexibility beyond our standard plans:

    ● Tailored pricing for commissions that require additional Projects, Persona Types or Objects

    Please talk with our team if you’d like more information

    Our Fair Use Policy: Individual objects may not exchange more than 100,000 user messages per month (Custom plans may vary). Signage printing and installation: Prices are not included here, but can be discussed separately.