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Customer Experience Consultant for Government

Glance Guided CX

Glance makes it easy to bring human guidance to websites, portals, and mobile apps while leveraging the systems employees use day in and day out during customer interactions.  

For over 20 years, state and local governments, financial institutions, and health insurance organizations have trusted the Glance Guided CX platform to empower their customer-facing teams to deliver frictionless, in-the-moment customer sales, service, support, and consultation. 

The Glance Guided CX platform lets employees launch immersive, secure experiences on digital properties with one click, giving them the ability to see what their customers see, join them right in their browser or phone app, and navigate issues with them collaboratively — all without requiring customers to download or install anything. 

Glance, real human guidance for digital CX.

Use Cases

Example customers using Glance Guided CX to boost customer satisfaction with digital interactions

  • In one of the nation's largest states, the Department of Motor Vehicles assists customers in renewing and registering online.
  • The top 12 city supports business customers in seeking and managing work permits through portal account registration, payments, and inspection scheduling.
  • One of the largest pension systems in the U.S. aids teachers in registering for, navigating, and addressing questions about their retirement accounts.
  • The top 10 State Department of Administrative Services provides support across three distinct digital properties — the Department of Taxation, Job and Family Services, and a Business Gateway. This assistance includes helping customers register, complete transactions, and submit forms.
  • A top 5 bank in the U.S. assists customers in completing various online transactions, such as opening accounts, depositing checks, applying for loans, and more, across multiple domains on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • A health insurance provider with 2.5 million members enables direct employees and third-party approved brokers to guide the shopping experience and enrollment process for individuals new to Medicare.

Example improvements in experience metrics

  • 20% reduction in average handle time (AHT)
  • 10% boost in first contact resolution (FCR)
  • 18-point increase in Net Promoter Score(R) (NPS)
  • 20% higher customer satisfaction (CSAT)
  • 60% reduction in purchase cycle time


Glance works with any CRM and CCaaS technology

Open APIs and SDK libraries facilitate seamless integration with any CRM, employee desktop, contact center, or CX technology. Glance offers pre-built integrations to the most widely used employee workspaces, including:

  • Salesforce (Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud)
  • Genesys (Engage, Cloud CX)
  • Twilio (Flex)
  • ServiceNow

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