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GitLab and Carahsoft have partnered to provide a series of self-guided tours for GitLab’s enterprise-ready DevSecOps solutions. Similar to a live demonstration, these in-depth walkthroughs explore GitLab's wide array of use cases that can help meet you and your organization’s unique IT needs.


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GitLab DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

GitLab DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

GitLab's enterprise-ready platform empowers government organizations to take control by downloading, installing and maintaining their own DevSecOps environments. GitLab is not just for developers, their end-to-end platform fosters collaboration across teams through document management, automation testing and new feature planning. Delivering one platform for software delivery, GitLab’s CI/CD pipelines are built for simplicity and scale. Government agencies can automate deployment, build flexible pipelines, visualize each environment and deployment, implement guardrails for safe deployment and shift security left.

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GitLab Premium

Elevate your DevSecOps with GitLab Premium. This powerful platform equips you with built-in security scanning, granular access control, and efficient issue tracking, weaving security into your development process from the start. Automate deployments, manage multiple environments, and gain valuable insights with advanced CI/CD capabilities. Foster collaboration with centralized user management and incident response. GitLab Premium empowers you to deliver secure, high-quality software faster and more efficiently, ensuring peace of mind throughout the development lifecycle.


  • Advanced CI/CD: Premium includes advanced continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities for automating the software development lifecycle.
  • Project Management Tools: Premium offers additional project management tools such as enhanced issue tracking, epics, and roadmaps.
  • Security Features: Premium includes advanced security features like static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), dependency scanning, and container scanning.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Premium provides more advanced monitoring and analytics tools to track the performance of applications and infrastructure.
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GitLab Ultimate

Supercharge your DevSecOps journey with GitLab Ultimate. This comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates security into your workflows, empowering you to shift left and identify vulnerabilities early. Say goodbye to siloed teams and fragmented processes; GitLab Ultimate fosters collaboration through a single platform for development, security, and operations. Gain real-time visibility into project progress, code quality, and security posture with intuitive dashboards. Automate repetitive tasks like infrastructure provisioning and deployments, freeing up your team to focus on innovation. Leverage the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of open-source technology, while benefiting from a large community for support and continuous improvement. Go beyond traditional DevSecOps with GitLab Ultimate's advanced features like Value Stream Management and Portfolio Management, gaining unprecedented insights and optimizing your entire software delivery process. Deliver high-quality, secure applications faster than ever before - the future of DevSecOps is here.


  • Advanced Security and Compliance: Ultimate provides additional features for advanced security and compliance, such as license compliance management, security dashboards, and more.
  • Performance Monitoring and Insights: Ultimate offers advanced performance monitoring and insights tools for better visibility into application performance.
  • Priority Support: GitLab Ultimate subscribers typically receive the highest level of priority support with the fastest response times.
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GitLab Duo

Reimagine your DevSecOps pipeline with GitLab Duo, a sophisticated suite of AI-powered functionalities designed to elevate developer productivity and application security. Duo seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, offering intelligent code completion and generation capabilities that not only expedite development but also minimize the potential for human error. Proactive vulnerability assessments woven into the development process empower teams to address security concerns early, mitigating downstream risks and ensuring adherence to stringent compliance standards. By automating repetitive tasks and fostering collaborative insights, Duo significantly increases team efficiency and facilitates seamless knowledge sharing. This cutting-edge solution prioritizes user privacy and adheres to ethical AI practices, ensuring confidence and transparency throughout the development lifecycle. GitLab Duo stands as a transformative force in the software development landscape, empowering organizations to achieve unparalleled speed, security, and quality in their endeavors. Are you prepared to elevate your DevSecOps practices to the next level?


  • Helps you decode the mysteries of your code, get insights, and suggest refactoring.
  • Helps prevent and fix security issues
  • Helps streamline processes, code reviews, and debugging
  • Assists in speeding up issue and epic handling
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Shift Security and Compliance Left

GitLab strengthens DevSecOps practices by providing a comprehensive suite of built-in security scanners and facilitating integration with third-party options. This proactive approach, known as "shifting left," empowers developers to identify and rectify security vulnerabilities during the early stages of coding. By leveraging tools like SAST and DAST, this strategy fosters the development of more secure applications.


  • Integrated Security Testing within the CI/CD Pipline
  • Manage dependencies & vulnerabilities
  • Secure running applications
  • Implement guardrails and ensure compliance
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Continuous Integration and Delivery

GitLab's pre-configured CI/CD pipeline templates expedite your development lifecycle. They initiate automated code scanning and orchestrate a sequence of builds, tests, packaging, and deployments. Moreover, these templates offer extensive customization or the option to construct pipelines entirely from code. To ensure scalability, GitLab provides features like merge trains, parent-child pipelines, and multi-environment deployment management.


  • Seamless automation from code commit to production
  • Accelerated releases
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Standardize and scale
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Agile Delivery

GitLab fosters a seamless transition to Agile methodologies by providing native support for Scrum, Kanban, and requirement-driven workflows. This facilitates a closer alignment between strategic objectives and code implementation. Furthermore, GitLab enhances project oversight through integrated portfolio and project management tools, streamlining the entire development lifecycle – encompassing planning, development, testing, security, deployment, and monitoring activities. By enabling efficient management of Agile frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, and Disciplined Agile within a single platform, GitLab reduces the time-to-value proposition, particularly within large and diverse organizations. Moreover, GitLab promotes continuous improvement by prioritizing value generation and eliminating roadblocks through its one-click drill-down functionality.


  • Integrated Agile and portfolio planning
  • Streamlined processes
  • Traceability and visibility

GitLab’s Benefits Snapshot:


  • GitLab products are compliant with NIST’s guidelines to ensure that CIOs are meeting software supply chain security standards.
  • GitLab is a strong alternative to DI12E after access to it has been canceled.
  • GitLab offers on-prem, self-hosted or SaaS options to match the way your agency works.