FormAssembly Solutions for the Public Sector

How Our Product Helps Meet Customer Needs

We help customers solve their biggest data collection challenges, such as a lack of Salesforce integration, data silos, multiple disjointed systems, no data visibility, paper processes, tedious web form building, and lack of data security. See how a customizable, secure web form builder and data collection platform allows you to quickly create forms, connect them to Salesforce and other systems, improve data security, and gain key insights into the data you collect.


  • Achieve Operational Efficiency - Automate data collection, processing, and form follow-up with workflows.
  • Ensure Secure Processes - Enhance security and user experience with SSO and Respondent Authentication.
  • Scale As You Grow - Add as many new licenses as necessary and Team effortlessly expands to meet your needs.
  • Perfect for Teams Who Need:
    • Single workgroup data collection and processing
    • Workflow automation to handle the repetitive tasks
    • Flexibility to add users over time


  • Advanced Security and Compliance - Gather sensitive data securely with encryption and data masking, while ensuring compliance with HIPAA, GLBA and more.
  • Reliable Platform Performance - Enjoy guaranteed high system availability with customizable SLA and contract.
  • Premium Onboarding and Support - Includes white-glove implementation services and onboarding.
  • Perfect for Teams Who Need:
    • Stringent privacy, security and compliance standards
    • Data collection requirements spanning teams and departments
    • Mission-critical use cases involving sensitive data


  • Secure Data Capture - Confidently and compliantly collect data designated at the FedRAMP Moderate-Impact level.
  • Trustworthy Authentication - Meet U.S. government requirements for federal employee authentication.
  • Maximum Data Protection - Enjoy a custom environment maintaining the highest standards of security, privacy, and compliance.
  • Our Government Plan Is Perfect for:
    • U.S. federal government agencies
    • U.S. state and local government agencies
    • Organizations doing business with government agencies