FM:Systems Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Space Management

    The Space Management module provides a streamlined, easy-to-use solution for facility and real estate professionals, department liaisons and employees to have complete visibility into an organizations space, occupancy and real-time utilization.

  • Move Management

    The Move Management module enables organizations to ensure that each step of the move process flows smoothly and according to plan. Keep everyone involved in the move with configurable workflows and make sure all participants including IT, movers and other vendors are well informed.

  • Asset Management

    The Asset Management module allows organizations to maintain a complete asset inventory by managing information such as warranties, ownership and maintenance history leading to improved efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

  • Maintenance Management

    The Maintenance module enables organizations to improve equipment performance and reduce downtime by efficiently managing technicians, measuring performance against Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and identifying underperforming areas across all their facilities.

  • Real Estate Management Module

    The Real Estate and Lease Portfolio Management module provides organizations with the bird’s eye view that can help them make better management decisions and reduce overall costs by easily viewing owned and leased properties, square footage and other building information.

  • Scenario Planning

    Scenario Planning capabilities provide facility professionals with a visual depiction of what their space and occupancy might look like years into the future to ensure they get the most effective utilization of their facilities over time.

  • Project Management

    The Project Management module provides project managers, internal customers and other team members with complete visibility into the status, budgets and schedules of any number of jobs across multiple locations, keeping facilities projects on track.

  • Space Reservation

    The Space Reservation module provides functionality for both hoteling and conference room scheduling to manage employees who are highly mobile. Employees can easily locate and reserve space on an as needed basis, improving the effectiveness of an organizations space.

  • Sustainability

    The Sustainability module allows organizations to manage critical information on energy performance or water usage, as well as sustainability projects such as energy retrofits, bringing balance to the environmental and financial impacts of their facilities.

  • Higher Education Survey

    The Higher Education Survey module is a solution designed for universities and other larger nonprofit organizations to manage facilities, grants and sponsored research, improving the efficiency and accuracy of space campus-wide

  • Desk Booking

    FM:Systems’ desk booking and reservation software helps you manage your workspace more efficiently. Streamline your workspace management and create a fluid workplace experience for a mobile and distributed workforce while creating a safe and productive workplace.

  • Hoteling & Mobile Workforce

    Office hoteling programs and mobile workforce programs offer a simple solution to support a mobile workforce with integrated tools for easy access.

  • Room Scheduling

    From conference rooms and video conferencing facilities to shared workspaces and managed services, our room scheduling solutions deliver new levels of efficiency and productivity for your mobile, virtual, and traditional employees.