Get better branding and connection to your target audience quickly and efficiently. Exclusive Fast Dial numbers can be integrated into any marketing campaign.

Fast Dial numbers can easily be dialed and remembered by your customers and targeted individuals. Fast Dial numbers connect with your business or organization quickly and efficiently. This simple number can be integrated into marketing campaigns and is easy to remember and share. No more complicated 800 numbers to remember, simple 3 or 4 digit numbers change the game. Give your marketing team an exciting new marketing tool today.

What is FastDial?

FastDial is the leading provider of Virtual Extension Numbers to public and private organizations. 

The Fast Dial VE platform manages millions of calls annually. We have been developing our virtual extension platform for the last 15 years, along with providing our services to both corporate clients and governmental agencies. We are a Pennsylvania, based technology company that focuses on communication solutions and some of our better-known clients are USAA Bank (#USAA), the United States Navy (#NAVY), and Morgan & Morgan Law (#LAW). 

Our company and team are comprised of leaders in the industry that understand the value and importance for organizations, agencies, departments, and businesses to be on the leading edge of what is available. We work with local and federal agencies to develop better ways to communicate with the public and promote timely access to resources. 

What is a Virtual Extension?

Virtual Extensions are three-to-five-digit numbers preceded by (#) or (**) and provisioned in both wireless and landline networks. They can maximize engagement by combining traditional voice calls with links, and digital content via SMS and smart routing. Fast Dial virtual extension’s work on National networks and allows the public to make a simple call without having to remember and dial a long 10-digit phone number.

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