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EDB AI Self-Guided Tour

EDB AI Self-Guided Tour

EDB serves public sector organizations with the most advanced enterprise open source software database. EDB’s Enterprise Postgres Database Management minimizes downtime and increases access to data and applications. EDB maintains a consistent and secure environment whether running in Kubernetes, public clouds, on-premises or hybrid environments. Organizations can enhance their security and operational innovation with faster digital transformation to scale, while adhering to the most stringent security standards, such as DISA, STIG and NIST FIPS.

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EDB Postgres Distributed High Availability

Achieve best in class high availability for Postgres—on any cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid architecture. Ensure operational resiliency, meet data sovereignty regulations, and increase developer productivity by keeping critical apps Always On for engagement and monetization. Regulatory requirements, competitive pressures, customer demands and reputational damage are just a few reasons why you cannot risk your database going down—even for a minute.


  • Geo-Distributed (Active/Active) Architectures to meet Data Sovereignty, Localization, and Residency Requirements
  • Disaster Recovery—without the heavy lift
  • Evolve Postgres Maintenance and Releases
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Big Animal Postgres-as-a-Service

Big Animal is the only distributed, fully managed, Oracle compatible Postgres database—on every cloud. BigAnimal provides best-in-class high availability for environments ranging from pre-production to mission-critical apps that cannot go down. EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal provides up to 99.995% uptime for high-value applications that organizations and their customers rely upon.


  • Establish your Postgres environment within minutes on BigAnimal’s cloud account in a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Best-in-Class HA, Geo-Distributed (Active/Active) Architectures, and Evolving Postgres Maintenance and Releases with Confidence
  • With BigAnimal, you can migrate most Oracle database schemas and data in fewer than 20 days and see up to 80% savings compared to Oracle licensing and support costs.
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Community 360

The EDB Community 360 plan is your circle of protection for Community PostgreSQL. The EDB Community 360 Plan enables IT, transformation and technology teams to maximize the freedom, flexibility and community contributions they love about PostgreSQL with a circle of protection to keep their databases running. Downtime and performance issues are minimized when you rely on EDB Community 360 to provide around the clock support coverage. With enterprise-grade EDB Community 360 support, you can embark on a new journey, reduce risk and eliminate wasted time, so you can focus strategic initiatives.


  • Reduce Unplanned Downtime and Performance Issues
  • Reduce Risk with Enterprise-grade Support
  • Freedom to Focus on Other Priorities by eliminating wasted time
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Seamless Oracle Migration

Whether it's lowering database management expenses, enhancing business flexibility, catalyzing cloud innovation, or updating your data infrastructure, EDB Postgres Advanced Server stands out as the Oracle-compatible solution crafted to simplify your migration process. Transitioning from Oracle is met with rewarding benefits, as you gain access to feature-rich tools and enhancements that elevate performance, strengthen security, and realize the full potential of cloud integration. EDB offers a migration toolkit streamlines the process.


  • Native Oracle Compatibility - EDB makes Postgres look, feel and operate like Oracle, so you won’t need to start over and recode your applications.
  • Minimized Migration Risk. Leverage the expertise and advanced migration tools from the Postgres experts, to migrate from Oracle without the risks of downtime and project failure.
  • Significant Cost Savings. Save as much as 80% compared to Oracle database licensing, maintenance and support.
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Postgres Cloud

EDB creates a secure and consistent environment whether running in Kubernetes, public clouds including Azure, AWS and GCP, on-premises or a hybrid environment. As the biggest contributor to PostgreSQL, nobody supports Postgres better than EDB. You have direct access to the experts shaping the direction of the technology.


  • Get guidance and support on developing and implementing your cloud database strategy.
  • Combine public and private cloud services for maximum flexibility.
  • Extend PostgreSQL with security and performance capabilities for your enterprise.
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Enterprise Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) extends everything you love about PostgreSQL. EPAS enhances the world's most loved database with all of the features enterprises need in a modern DBMS. EPAS gives you the most secure, highly available and high performance Postgres available on premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. EPAS empowers your to save time and reduce migration risk with the most advanced Postgres security.


  • Greater Control to Deploy Anywhere
  • Comes with over 200 pre-packaged utility functions. It works with existing tools so your developers can hit the ground running.
  • Enhanced Oracle Compatibility

EDB’s Benefits Snapshot:


  • Migrate from Legacy Databases: Move from databases easily while managing costs.
  • Secure Data: Meet compliance standards and Federal regulatory requirements.
  • Build New Applications: Develop more scalable and secure new applications.