Dremio Solutions for the Public Sector

Is your organization struggling with existing Hadoop environments that are costly, complex to manage and maintain, and limited in scale and performance?

Dremio’s Hadoop Modernization offer improves performance, reduces costs, and delivers unified self-service analytics.


  • Modernizes the query engine with Dremio and provides self-service.
  • Rapidly and easily migrates Hadoop data to on-premise object storage.
  • Enables users to create an open, scalable, and highly-manageable data lakehouse.



Modernize Query Engine

In the initial phase, we deploy Dremio, which delivers immediate improvement in performance. Dremio’s data lake engine, leveraging high performing in-memory execution, and predictive pipelining. Reflections, our innovative query acceleration technology, delivers unmatched performance directly on data lake storage.

Provide Self-Service Analytics/ Unified Analytics

Dremio’s semantic layer empowers users to seamlessly access and query data from both legacy Hadoop environments and new object stores, even as the migration process is underway. Dremio provides self service by unifying data sources, rapidly creating data products for each domain, and ensuring governance across entire data architectures.

Migrate Hadoop Data to Object Storage and Data Lakehouse

We rapidly transfer data from existing Hadoop environments to low-cost, on-premises object storage from Dell, MinIO, NetApp, Pure Storage, VAST Data, and others. This process enables optimization of data management and storage costs.

A New & Modern Environment

In the final phase, we optimize the new environment, transforming it into a modern data lake house. This optimization leverages the latest innovations in open source standards, enhancing data management and analytics capabilities. For example, using Apache Iceberg tables greatly improves the management, organization, and tracking of all of the files that make up tables in your new lakehouse.

Modernization Benefits

  • Sub-Second Query Performance and 10x Better Price/Performance

The new environment delivers sub-second query response times. Users are able to build and leverage interactive and ad-hoc queries without worrying about underlying table structures.

  • Governed Self-Service Analytics Across All Data

A modern user interface and federated query capability provides self-service data curation and access across a wide variety of data sources. The new environment enables organizations to easily govern data with full visibility into data usage and data lineage, as well as providing fine-grained access control.

  • Decreased Infrastructure and Management Costs

With the move to object storage, organizations can drastically decrease storage costs and eliminate Hadoop licensing costs. Simplifying the analytical environment and automating data management tasks significantly reduces the need for expensive management resources.



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