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Cloud Integration and Data Management Platform for Government


Data is transforming government because it has the power to tackle the toughest missions. As shared in the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan, “If the Federal Government does not maintain its role as a preeminent supplier and sophisticated, ethical user of data, it will no longer be able to fulfill its civic duty to the public.” By partnering with Denodo and implementing the leading logical data fabric for data integration and management, government agencies are fulfilling their data strategies and democratizing the access to trusted, critical data for smarter data-driven decision-making and faster action.


A Data-Fabric Architecture Let’s You Access & Securely Share Data at Scale

As agencies increase their use of multi-cloud and hybrid data platforms, data access and integration will continue to prove a data analytics and modernization challenge because data silos and complexity also grows. Denodo’s approach provides all data consumers and data-driven applications a means to access real-time, integrated views of ALL relevant data, from ONE source of truth.

Powered by data virtualization, Denodo’s data fabric architecture achieves great agility, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and delivers real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Departments and agencies are partnering with Denodo to fulfill their data strategies and ensure their data has the power to tackle their toughest missions by:

  • catalyzing massive operational efficiencies
  • embracing multi and hybrid cloud
  • bolstering mission readiness to defend national interests
  • simplifying public services delivery
  • reducing fraud, waste and abuse
  • accelerating AI and IT modernization efforts
  • and supporting evidence-based policymaking initiatives.


Get Above the Data Silos and Provide Data in Real-Time… From Any Data Source to Any Data Consumer

Because Denodo’s Data Fabric is powered by data virtualization, our platform is data environment agnostic and deployable in any environment such as on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and the edge. So regardless of where data resides, it doesn't require data to move from place to place. Instead, it creates select, real-time views of source data, on an as-needed basis, while leaving that source data exactly where it is. This minimizes data movement and maximizes query performance for faster data insights for data-driven decisions and actions. The platform is also a great compliment to data warehouse, enterprise service bus integration or ETL technologies that your agency might have already invested in.

Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your current and future data demands.

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