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Darknet Data, Monitoring, and Threat Intelligence for Government

DarkOwl is the leader in darknet data. We provide the most extensive dataset comprising information gathered from both the darknet and related sites, along with cutting-edge tools and resources to leverage this data. Our platform enables users to scrutinize and analyze data tailored for specific use cases, with our database receiving updates from tens of thousands of sites across various darknets daily.

Our government applications span a wide range, encompassing the tracking of threat actors, criminal activities such as drugs and human trafficking, malware detection, monitoring hacking forums, and searching marketplaces for illegal or stolen credentials, personal identifiable information, and intellectual property. Utilizing DarkOwl Vision, our darknet search engine, investigators can gather intelligence on individuals or subjects of interest, extracting usernames, aliases, chatroom activities, and potentially incriminating information. This data is then employed to compile evidence and solve intricate crimes. Our passion, our focus, and our expertise is the darknet.

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