Cynerio Solutions for the Public Sector

Cynerio’s focus on securing connected devices in healthcare environments has made it the leader in the field.

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Cynerio 360 Platform

The Cynerio 360 platform contains both proactive and reactive protection measures for a multi-layered defense and centralized visibility of a hospital's IoMT, IoT, OT, IT and mobile devices. Cynerio will find and remediate all critical healthcare IoT device risks in under 30 days; Detect and stop ransomware and breaches on healthcare IoT devices; Set up Healthcare IoT device micro-segmentation that doesn’t impact medical workflows; Integrate with a wide range of IT security tools to expand security enforcement; Activate automated mitigation and remediation for IT devices that lack sufficient security; and Ensure IoT security alignment between BioMed, security, network, facilities, and executive teams.

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Inventory and Visibility

Cynerio’s Inventory & Visibility will recognize all connected devices that interact with any part of the network in real-time, bringing insight into network-level risks to the organization; compile a high-level asset inventory including device types and the number of units for each. No connected device will fall through the cracks; provide up to 150 specific details for each device, including type, category, vendor, IP address, operating system, when it was last seen on the network, and more; identify device-specific risks, listing each software vulnerability with mitigation actions and other resources; and digitize device disclosure data to help with proper configuration. Cynerio automatically pulls and digitizes MDS2 and information on specific devices from FDA databases. Cynerio’s functionalities like automated device discovery, physical device location, CMMS integrations, and vendor data tracking eliminate time-consuming manual work.

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Preventative Risk Management

Cynerio’s Preventative Risk Management will find and remediate the most critical healthcare IoT risks in under 30 days, confidently micro- segment connected devices with no impact on patient outcomes or functionality, and create automated, actionable, and plain-English mitigation plans that prevent the widest variety of threats.

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Attack Detection & Response

Cynerio’s Attack Detection & Response will stop attacks on day one of implementation, eliminating the need to wait for inventory or segmentation processes to finish to receive protection; cut through the noise, providing high-fidelity attack alerts based on deep healthcare IoT expertise; and safely prolong the lifecycles of otherwise unprotectable medical devices.

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Cynerio Technical Account Managers

Cynerio’s Technical Account Managers will handle: Cynerio deployment and administration for a fraction of what an additional team member would cost; Development of IoT cybersecurity program governance, structure, oversight and best practices; and Critical IoT risk reduction, network segmentation and attack detection and remediation with regular reporting and strategic planning.

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Cynerio Live

Cynerio Live is Cynerio’s Team of Research Specialists that look at every finding, validating those findings, and then working with customers to either stop an attack and/or put better protections in place long-term. This healthcare-focused Research Team hold deep technical expertise and is the first line of action during incidents.