Use Code-free Computer Vision to Unlock Insight from Imagery

CrowdAI offers the leading software platform to build customized computer vision (CV), enabling anyone to create high quality CV models to analyze imagery and video—no data science background or coding required. Our full-stack solution provides all the tools necessary to go from raw pixels to structured insights relevant to your specific needs.

Our code-free software platform puts computer vision in the user’s hands by letting them manage the whole development process, from data upload and labeling to model training, evaluation and production deployment. This not only results in a seamless user experience and fosters cross-team collaboration but also provides the necessary infrastructure for continuous model improvement, allowing government organizations to truly power complex deep learning insights at scale.

By pushing the power of CV model development to the frontlines, users can readily define new features for detection and ensure that models are sensitive to pixel-level quality, safety, and operational issues. Unlike CV model providers that deploy generic one-size-fits-all models, this ensures that enterprises are empowered to rapidly develop domain-specific models that are built to augment your specific needs.

CV models created via CrowdAI's software platform, have been used for ISR, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, countering illicit trafficking, infrastructure maintenance, public health monitoring, medical diagnostics, and beyond.