CoSo Cloud Announcements

In an age marked by escalating cyber threats, the significance of safeguarding sensitive government data and ensuring uninterrupted communication cannot be overstated. CoSo Cloud, a trailblazer in secure virtual communication and collaboration solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by securing StateRAMP authorization for its platform. This achievement, coupled with existing FedRAMP Moderate, DISA IL2, and DISA IL4 authorizations, underscores the critical importance of secure training environments for government agencies.

As evidenced by recent malicious cyber-attacks targeting public-sector entities (as reported in “Malware Unleashed: Public Sector Hit in Escalating Cyber Threats”), the need for robust cybersecurity measures within government agencies has never been more urgent. Secure training environments are pivotal in preparing government personnel to effectively counter cyber threats, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to safeguard critical information.

CoSo Cloud’s attainment of StateRAMP authorization is a significant leap forward in the quest for secure training environments for government agencies. Similar to FedRAMP, StateRAMP rigorously assesses cloud services’ security to meet stringent cybersecurity standards. CoSo Cloud’s achievement reinforces its commitment to providing a secure platform for hosting Class Technologies, Adobe Learning Manager, and Adobe Connect, creating an environment conducive to effective training operations.

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