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CORAS is the FedRAMP High SaaS Enterprise Decision Management Platform

CORAS was built for the government marketplace and is designed for the decision-maker to view real time data and reporting from disparate data sets for one single pane of glass solution. CORAS operates with all software, aggregating data to provide live reporting, multiple scenarios and historical information behind decisions. With its FedRAMP High status, CORAS is up and running in days, supercharging Decision Management and providing Federal/DoD leadership with the ability to optimize the scope and impact of their data, connect siloed data sources, provide live and flexible reporting, and make defendable decisions.

Through the use of the CORAS AI/ML Engine, CORAS helps decision makers by bringing together structured and unstructured data to create a 360 degree view of the decisions to be made, as well as the hidden relationships and blind spots that are invisible to traditional BI systems and applications.

CORAS has a strong record of past performances with commercial clients around the globe as well as the Armed Forces, providing unique solutions that process data into usable information. CORAS brings live-data multidimensional organizational views, budget trade-offs, decisions, and accountability to help agencies to stay on mission. CORAS provides Federal agencies with the highest levels of confidence, security, and performance.

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