Collabware Solutions for Federal Government

The Collabspace Information Governance Suite is a stackable and scalable set of easy-to-deploy, no-configuration-required cloud applications that connect seamlessly to your system to automate processes, relieve IT burden and ensure compliance standards are being met.

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Collabspace ARCHIVE

Protect Your Information & Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Preserve and protect your data! Built on Microsoft Azure, we’ve added more security and compliance controls to enable cross-system data access, auditing, recovery, and search capabilities:

• Most secure NARA Compliant Cloud SaaS records management application

• Transparently auto archive electronic & email data from multiple systems into a data lake.

• Protect data lake content using fortified Collabspace WORM Storage (Write Once Read Many).

• Maintain access to your data in the event of a source system outage or ransomware attack.

• Recover data for users, or delegate permission for them to recover data directly.

• View all audit activities across all data, including additions, updates, views, and downloads.

• Meet FedRAMP High, FDA, FINRA, FOIA, FRCP, HIPAA, IIROC, PIPEDA, SEC, and SOX regulatory requirements.


Connect – Connectors or API’s stream content from siloed systems into a data lake for complete multiplatform archival.
Store – Defensibly archive files, all related metadata and versions for accurate management, discovery, and insights.
Encrypt – All data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest with cryptographic HSM keys.
Protect– Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) storage prevents tampering or deletion. Set secure permissions-2 based access levels.
Search – Find content from all connected systems with end-to-end enterprise search and discovery capabilities. Users can search all content using keywords or advanced queries.
Preview – Open and view files using web or mobile devices to ensure you have what you’re looking for.
Audit – Track all activities performed against your content with audit logs, including views and downloads.
Security Trimming – Search results automatically trimmed according to user access permissions to ensure only those assigned can view.
Versioning – Access to all versions of each document and their metadata, ensuring maximum content recoverability & protection.
Recover – Retrieve accidentally deleted versions as needed, individually, or in bulk for instant data recovery.
Filter – Execute keyword and metadata searches using advanced Boolean, Proximity, and Fuzzy logic. View, sort & export results by any field.
Export – Easily export content & metadata individually or in bulk for data recovery or external processing.
Multi-Jurisdictional – Achieve data residency and sovereignty compliance with data centers for USA & USA Government, Canada
Template – For views and queries, set Search dashboard based on the file details you want to see (location, format, type, etc). Save & share common search parameters.
Email Threads – Each email is archived in .EML format & given a unique email ID. Threads are given conversation IDs to keep them and attachments intact.
Geo-Replication – All data centers automatically replicate data to paired data center in another region for maximum continuity.

Collabspace DISCOVERY

Quickly Fulfill Freedom of Information & eDiscovery Requests

Beyond basic. Bolstered by intelligent machine learning technologies, this enterprise search application reveals your dark data and makes it discoverable.

Collabspace Discovery offers all the capabilities of Collabspace ARCHIVE, PLUS:

•       All data is automatically indexed, including application of OCR and audio/video transcription.

•       Search all data in the using keywords with Boolean, fuzzy, wildcard, and proximity operators.

•       View search results in a configurable, spreadsheet-like interface with export capabilities.

•       Save and share search templates, with optional parameters, for often repeated queries.

•       Preview and cycle through search results quickly, including image and video files.

•       Utilize machine learning to automatically identify data entities, keywords, and objects in images.

•       Add data to legal holds to provide simplified review while also preventing data destruction.

•       Export your data for external review and processing, including files and their metadata.


Keyword Extraction – Identify and understand key text and phrases contained in your content at a glance without reading it, including color coding and relevancy percentages.
Object Detection – Pre-trained machine learning models identify objects in images, and present the counts of each object type.
Entity Extraction – Pre-trained machine learning models identify specific entities in your content, including people, places, objects, laws, and more.
Sentiment Analysis – Determine if content is positive, negative or neutral. Gauge public opinion, brand reputation market research; and monitor/better understand customer interactions.
OCR – Optical character recognition automatically indexes & extracts text content from non-text-searchable documents such as PDFs, Tiffs & images.
FOIA & Legal Hold – Single user searches all repositories with Collabspace to fulfill FOIA search request and apply Legal Hold to the content
Transcribe – Audio and video media files automatically processed to extract the vocal transcription for search indexing.
Integration – Convert exported results into other formats, such as PST, so that they can be integrated into other systems.

Collabspace CONTINUUM


Automate Federal Records and Data Protection compliance with the most secure NARA Compliant records management application on the market.

Enjoy the protection of Collabspace ARCHIVE with the advanced search capabilities of Collabspace DISCOVERY, PLUS:

•       Automatically categorize data to a file plan so that proper retention policies can be applied.

•       Open-up or lock-down data permissions based on file plan categorization.

•       Use a web-based, no-code visual workflow system to design data retention and lifecycle policies.

•       Apply time and event-based retention, including use of calculations based on metadata values.

•       Execute multi-stage, multi-participant disposition review processes to authorize destruction.

•       Manage both electronic and physical records, including inventory control and circulation tracking.


Electronic Records Management – Centralized, In-place electronic records management or a hybrid of the two; based Agency needs. Automated categorization, retention, security and defensible disposition. 
Physical Records Management – Manage a digital representation of your physical inventory including storage facilities, rooms, shelves, boxes, files and more, all alongside your Electronic Records. 
File Plan – Create one or more organizational file plans, to categorize content for purposes of applying specific records lifecycles.
Auto-categorization – All content is auto-categorized to the General Records Schedule (GRS) and Agency specific records control schedules. 
Comply – Built with compliance in mind. Meet legislative and regulatory requirements seamlessly with automated RM activities and tasks.
Records Lifecycle Workflow – Drag & Drop visual design board to create and automate comprehensive records lifecycle workflows and defensible disposition for all of your Agency’s records.  
Event triggers – Event-based triggers for retention and disposition within lifecycle workflows.
Review – Bulk review & approve disposition of data using a list-based, workflow-driven review system that generates a Certificate of Disposition.
Off-boarding – As Federal Employees or Contractors transition from their duties, quickly and easily capture all content to comply with Capstone or off-boarding procedures while preventing knowledge loss. 
Manage Content Sprawl – Even as content growth skyrockets in Teams, File Shares, digitization / scanning efforts etc., Collabspace auto-categorizes all the content at scale based on rules, as it streams into the system. 
Simplify Paper-to-Cloud – Digitization efforts are simplified, when the digitized paper records are sent into Collabspace the content is automatically enriched with OCR, Keyword and Entity Extraction and auto-categorized to your records control schedules.