Cloud SynApps Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Applications Modernization Framework

    Cloud SynApps has built a framework to help organizations move away from manual, excel or lotus notes based solutions to modern SaaS platform-based solutions built on Salesforce and Google. This framework helps in identifying the applications which can be easily deployed on a SaaS platform.

  • Integrations and Data Migration Services

    Cloud SynApps has deep expertise in integrating Salesforce-based solutions with many other Cloud and On-Prim applications with an API 1st approach. We have built frameworks and playbooks for integrations and data migration needs and help clients select the right tools and technologies.

  • Classic to Lightning Migration Services

    Many organizations and clients are still using the old Salesforce Classic UI, and it prevents them from benefiting from many features and functionality offered on the new Salesforce Lightning platform. We have deep expertise and proven Classic to the Lightning migration framework. It is a set of tools, templates and activities which help in smooth migration.

  • City Services Framework & 311

    A Services based framework to extend the traditional 311 Solution needed by the Cities and Counties. Our approach is unique, wherein we blend in many standard services required by the citizens on the Salesforce platform. This includes many of our pre-built Accelerators and Solution on a single platform.

  • Citizen Engagement Digital Framework

    Our Citizen engagement is a digital front-end solution built on the Salesforce platform, which embeds all the necessary channels and solutions for a powerful citizen experience. It includes AI-driven Chatbot, compliant with Canadian and US accessibility criteria, Services based digital architecture and integrated with Knowledgebase.

  • Community Cards Framework

    This solution is based on Salesforce Communities, and Salesforce LWC is a framework that allows organizations to add more service to the Salesforce communities easily.

  • Licensing & Permits – Clarity Solution

    Cloud SynApps has implemented many Clarity (Ex. BasicGov) Licensing and Permits solutions and has in-depth knowledge of best practices to implement Clarity solutions. These include portal, self-service, Dynamic Rules Engine (DRE), Permits and licensing business processes, letters engine, ESRI integration and payments.

  • Licensing & Permits – Salesforce LPI Solution

    Cloud SynApps has expertise in Salesforce industries LPI (Licensing, Permits and Inspections) solution, which requires Salesforce OmniStudio. We have deep expertise in Salesforce Omni Studio (Ex. Vlocity) toolset, which includes Omniscipts, Data Raptors, Cards, Integration procedures, Interaction Console and IDX Workbench.

  • Housing Homeless Solution

    Our Salesforce and Salesforce Industries (Ex. Vlocity) based Solution for Homelessness has all the features needed for acuity assessment and Intake, Case planning, Disbursement, Referrals & resources, Shelter & Transitional placement. It also has the functionality to manage Shelter Stock, including Beds, Rooms, and Units based on shelter needs.

  • Housing Subsidy Solution

    A comprehensive Housing Solution based on Salesforce Platform and Salesforce industries Solution has all the functionality for Clients who are in need of long-term housing and subsidy. The Solution has 3 distinct areas:

    a.) Self-service for the applicants

    b.) A portal for the providers who assist applicants, and

    c.) Subsidy administration, managed by the housing administrators.

    The Self Service includes:

    • Screening
    • Needs Assessment
    • Intake and status monitoring.

    The Subsidy administration includes:

    • Eligibility evaluation
    • Provisioning
    • Subsidy and rent calculation
    • Payments
    • Letters and document generation
    • Notifications, Task Management
    • Subsidy stock management
    • Unit stock maintenance - rent and other attributes
    • Placement in subsidized Unit
    • Monthly statements & Payments
    • Subsidy tenant Move-ins
    • Tenancy supports
    • Annual reviews
    • Transfers & Move-outs.
  • Housing Waitlist Solution

    Cloud SynApps has built an advanced Housing Waitlist solution which is the most critical aspect of any housing solution. The Solution determines eligibility, Onboarding, Priority requests, Client preference-based matching, Dynamic waitlist progression and sorting, Real-time Building & Unit (and Service) matching algorithm. The Solution provides a waitlist 360-degree view – A view of matching units from the Waitlist application and a view of matching waitlist applications from the Unit.

  • Social Services Transformation Framework

    Cloud SynApps, Social Services Transformation Framework and Solution provides an integrated solution that includes application intake, eligibility, program management, Service management, Provider management, documents management, Knowledge management, payments management and much more.

  • Emergency Rent Assistance Program (ERAP)

    To ease out the processing of Rent Assistance, Cloud SynApps has built a solution on the Salesforce Platform that will accelerate the implementation for Governments. The Solution is multilingual and has been built with the "Citizens First" mindset. It incorporates all phases of the Program – Intake, Eligibility, Approvals & Workflows, Disbursements and Tracking of disbursements. The Solution offers capabilities to apply for Rental Assistance and Assistance for Utilities as well.

  • COVID-19 Back2Work Solution

    As a proud Ontario-based Canadian company, Cloud SynApps' Back2Work Solutions were developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help organizations safely return to work while abiding by COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines. Our cost-effective solutions are built on the Cloud Platform, which can be easily deployed and operationalized in less than 6 weeks. The Solution incorporates employee and visitor checklists, event registration, online appointment booking, and inspections. The Employee Seat reservation solution is one of the many Back2Work Solutions developed by us.

  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing Solution

    At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many agencies reached out to us to help them with a contact tracing solution for COVID-19 +ve cases and manage such cases effectively through a multi-channel approach. Our Solution, built on the Salesforce platform, offers a full contact tracing functionality which includes building a tree of connected cases, case management, Intake of data from health agencies, communication via emails and SMS messages, etc. The Solution also provides tracing of people in public places.

  • ChatBot Solution

    Cloud SynApps' Chatbot solution is an Einstein AI-driven chatbot solution built on the Salesforce platform. Our Solution is used by multiple government agencies to deflect call center inquires and guide citizens to relevant information.

  • Vaccine Management Solution

    Cloud SynApps' COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution is a comprehensive solution developed to help governments, public health units, and counties efficiently distribute and administer a COVID-19 vaccine. The Solution offers an online self-service portal for patients and families to register to receive a vaccine and book vaccine appointments. The solution is highly secure and complies with privacy legislation, including HIPAA in USA, PIPEDA in Canada, as well as other local legislation in some provinces and states. A health service provider portal tracks vaccine administration in patients and monitors adverse reactions. Finally, the Solution includes a vaccine stock and inventory management component.

  • Prioritization Matrix Solution

    Cloud SynApps' Prioritization Matrix solution is a framework that can be used by government agencies for many different prioritization purposes. This is a unique, flexible and configurable scoring matrix and has been leveraged by organizations to prioritize individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Application Administrator can set up scoring tables, and the solution framework calculates individual scores for each person.

  • Meter Management Solution

    Cloud SynApps' Meter Management Solution on the Clariti/Salesforce platform helps government agencies offer a modern, online and streamlined Meter Management System. It captures various aspects of the meter lifecycle, from new meter registration to meter replacement, assessments, maintenance, repairs and scrapping.

  • Case Management Solution

    Cloud SynApps' Case Management Solution is 100% native to the Salesforce application. Our Solution provides an end-to-end process from case intake to case closure with a multilingual home page, advanced chatbot, sentiment analysis email services and dynamic case tasks processing. Different business operations requiring case management can be supported by quickly building dynamic processes. For example, case management has been built into our housing solution for the Region of Peel to enable caseworkers to support their housing clients in receiving the services they need within the Region.

  • Forms Builder

    Cloud SynApps' Forms Builder provides click-n-configure capabilities to design and implement business requirements on Customer Input Screens (including Intake). It helps clients to deploy configurable intake capabilities faster and at reduced costs. It enables administrators to design and build the forms effortlessly and quickly. It facilitates the end-users to move from hand-filled to digitized forms.

  • Inquiry Builder

    Cloud SynApps' Inquiry Builder provides a pre-built framework that can be used by government organizations to help Citizens find information, resources and forms related to various services, rights and benefits. Our Inquiry Builder is a 100% native Salesforce solution with features that provide easy implementation of Inquiry forms. It helps Government organizations and staff to add content easily and to deploy the content without developer's assistance. For end-users, it provides a platform to search and find information easier. Additional documents and knowledge articles are provided for the user's convenience.

  • Employee Performance Management Solution

    Every organization needs an application to monitor, document and reward its employees throughout the year. We have developed a simple Employee performance application on the Salesforce platform for our own use to get feedback, monitor continuously and document the decisions and awards by coaches. But this application can be easily modified to be used by any other organization.

    The Solution is broken into two distinct classes:

    1.) For employees who are below Manager

    2.) Employees above Manager.

    It includes self-assessment for each category and coach/mentor assessment on four different criteria: Project delivery, Practice Development, Solutions and Assets Development & About Me.

  • Employee Workplace Seat Reservation Solution

    Cloud SynApps' Employee Workplace reservation solution is a Salesforce Platform-based Solution allowing employees to reserve and confirm a workplace. It can be easily integrated with the Employee's wellness questionnaire if required.