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Discover the Salesforce & Salesforce Industries based solutions that are pre-built to meet your needs.

At Cloud SynApps (CSA), we focus 100% on the Public Sector; covering Cities, Municipalities, State and Provincial Govt., Crown Corporations and Federal Government. We bring the required skills and knowledge of both business and technology to provide innovation to fuel the citizen experience. We help deliver the seamless anywhere, anytime access that people have come to expect by combining our business and strategy expertise with our award-winning solutions powered by Salesforce.

We understand and appreciate how important it is to provide next-Gen, world-class services to the Citizens and Government Staff by using state-of-the-art applications, tools and innovative concepts like co-creation, collaboration, agile delivery and minimum customization to the selected applications.

We are committed to developing solutions that would benefit Citizens and the Workers, and the Staff serving the citizens. Our focus is to innovate and use the world-class, friendly and powerful Salesforce platform to deliver simple solutions, which would not only meet current needs but will also provide a platform that can be used to support a wide range of services in the future.