Clearwater Analytics Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Automated Data Aggregation

    Clearwater builds and maintains hundreds of connections to investment managers, fund administrators, custodians, brokers, data vendors, investment analytical platforms, and order management systems to aggregate investment metrics across asset classes. Clearwater also aggregates data directly from limited partnerships via general partnership statements and other online portals. This provides a centralized system for back-office and security master data.

  • Data Reconciliation and Validation

    Clearwater reconciles cash, positions, and transactions between various sources (investment managers, custodians, order management systems, and others). Clearwater has teams dedicated to enriching and standardizing security master data for various asset classes. Clearwater’s reconciliation tools include daily pricing, accounting, and performance verifications.

  • Portfolio Accounting and Reporting

    These processes feed Clearwater’s multi-asset class, multi-currency, multi-basis investment accounting and performance system, which produces accruals, book values, market values, and other accounting data needed to drive both the daily trading cycle, as well as the other reporting and analytical functions.

  • Accounting

    Clearwater provides accounting for multiple asset classes and currencies to accommodate clients’ needs across the globe. The system can be configured to any accounting basis including GAAP, Tax, IFRS, and others. Easily customize disclosure reports and other standard balance sheets, income statements, and roll-forward reports. You can group data on multiple levels, write formulas, pivot, and add or remove non-module- specific data points. Accounting information can be pulled into varying types of reports, like risk and performance, to allow for a more comprehensive analysis. Powerful technology provides automated investment-related disclosures such as Fair Value Hierarchy and flexible Pricing Source Hierarchies based on security type.

  • Compliance

    Clearwater tracks post-trade compliance daily and sends automated emails when events that bring the portfolio out of compliance occur. Rules are built from the client’s investment policy as part of the implementation. Multiple investment policies can be applied to individual accounts/mandates.

  • Performance
    • Clearwater’s versatile performance reports offer user the most valuable, accurate, and relevant information for performance measurement. Additionally, these reports are integrated with the Clearwater accounting module, which provides daily reconciled data. This integration enables clients to have in-depth insight into the underlying influences contributing to a portfolio’s performance
    • Flexibility to aggregate both account-level returns and position-level returns as needed. Group up or drill down at any level
    • Analyze different return types: time-weighted returns, money-weighted returns, book returns, price returns, and income returns
    • Incorporate multiple time range selections, gross up/ gross down tax methodology, and different fee types for comparative analysis
  • Risk

    Clearwater provides insightful risk analytics on-demand to ensure investment teams have access to their clients’ portfolio exposures. Utilize timely and actionable data to analyze by issuer, currency, country, duration, credit rating, and more. Risk summary reports have drill-down capabilities to display the underlying data at the tax lot level.

    With Clearwater, you’ll have access to data for better portfolio analysis, including:

    • Multiple and blended benchmark comparisons
    • Credit rating monitoring and downgrade notifications
    • Cash flow forecasting
    • Value at risk (VaR)
  • Clearwater MLx

    A customized, mortgage investment accounting solution that facilitates a single view across traditional and alternative assets. Clearwater MLx provides automation across the entire commercial mortgage loan (CML) lifecycle – from origination and deal management to analytics, accounting, and reporting.

  • Clearwater LPx

    Clearwater LPx automates LP data aggregation from GPs, extracts that data using machine learning and AI, and then validates and reconciles that data to be fed into Clearwater accounting and reporting for a single pane of glass (SPOG) view of your entire investment portfolio.

  • Clearwater LPx Clarity

    An additional tool for private debt, Clearwater’s LPx Clarity provides clients look-through functionality into their funds, cash flow forecasts, and automated related regulatory reporting.

  • Income Forecast

    The Income Forecast tool is an automated post-trade tool on the Clearwater platform that helps investment professionals analyze book income, including expected book yields, reinvestment income, accretion/ amortization, realized gain/loss, and interest income.