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Adding Teaching and Learning Tools to Zoom

Class Technologies co-founder and CEO Michael Chasen is the former co-founder and CEO of Blackboard, Inc., a pioneering edtech company with software used by over 20,000 institutions in more than 70 countries. As he observed his children transitioning to online learning, he created Class to address the hurdles that virtual learning presented. Class was designed to tackle a problem that surfaced during the emergence of the pandemic as schools, colleges and universities, and businesses scrambled to move their instruction online. Although 2020 marked a challenging time in education, it also presented the opportunity to innovate and shape the future of learning. Class Technologies joined this movement and quickly built the teaching and learning tools for businesses and academic institutions that typical online meeting software solutions desperately lacked. Utilizing the tools in Class, instructors can now provide a dynamic learning environment much as they would in the physical classroom.

The learning experience has been revolutionized with Class. Instead of a one-dimensional classroom, Class provides learners with an immersive opportunity, allowing them to interact with instructors and classmates in a dynamic, personalized way. Instructors can hold one-on-one discussions with learners who may need extra instruction, measure understanding within the platform, and understand who is interacting with the class through tracking responses, attention, and attendance. Because learners, instructors, and staff are already familiar with Zoom, the use of Class is seamless and the opportunities for personalization and individualization are endless. The unique tools in Class help instructors maximize engagement, improve instruction, manage courses, and assess outcomes - all without leaving Zoom.

Class allows for efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to performance improvement. By providing instructors with the ability to measure learning outcomes through assessments, quizzes, and tests, their workflow is streamlined and assessments are automatically graded to give immediate feedback to students and instructors.

But the impact of performance isn’t measured solely through tests. Learner interaction is an integral part of learning, and something difficult to both implement and measure through the transition to online learning. With both focus tracking and engagement metrics, Class provides real-time information for instructors on which students contribute to the learning environment and those students who may be behind in their interactions with instructors.