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Enhance Collaboration and Engagement with Class’s Interactive Online Learning Tools

Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class is built on the Zoom platform and includes everything needed to facilitate instruction and improve learner engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings. The software adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom that enable instructors to perform many of the activities that happen in a real classroom, virtually.

Class creates an active, collaborative learning environment to drive results. With things as simple as maintaining learner focus, Class’s unique layout is designed to increase visibility. The Podium pins the instructor at the top so they are always visible. Presenters and speakers are at the front of the class, making it easy to find and interact with them.

Class also collects and digests feedback on what’s happening in the session in the fixed participants panel, with information like who is speaking, who raised their hand, and who sent a message. Instructors and assistants can also see nonverbal feedback, like a thumbs up or a request to slow down, and whether learners have “lost focus” by switching to a different application.

Class also creates a central environment for tools to manage instruction to make virtual administration easier. Instructors can give an assignment or assessment during class that opens in a new tab. Grades are automatically entered into the gradebook, and with the in-app proctoring tool, instructors can confidently test online.

Class also focuses on restoring connection and collaboration in learning to drive more meaningful results. With Class’s Enhanced Breakout Rooms, instructors can launch materials – including polls, assignments, assessments, and quizzes – directly to each room to save time navigating to different apps. The Whiteboard functionality allows instructors to deploy prepared templates and sustain ongoing interaction across multiple sessions.

With rich data, Instructors find opportunities to pivot and uplevel their sessions. Engagement analytics are found in the Class dashboard. Instructors can easily gain insights for their entire class, or for an individual learner.

Class is changing the way the world learns.

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