Calibrum Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Calibrum Employee Engagement

    Consensus-driven real-time employee engagement surveys built around employee inclusion, diversity and collaboration. Real-time reports, historical trends, benchmarking. Complete customization. Natural language processing and deep sentiment analytics.

  • Calibrum 360 Performance Review

    Consensus-driven real-time employee performance reviews. Group and Individual-level analysis, historical trends and organizational benchmarks.

  • People Analytics 360

    Real-time Workforce Diagnostic, Organizational Optimization and Forecasting platform designed to improve employee and team engagement, effectiveness, competencies and overall company performance. Predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and forecasting.

  • Surveylet

    Real-time consensus-building surveys based on the Real-time Delphi methodology utilizing Big data analytics. Surveylet facilitates unbiased group decision-making, replaces focus groups and eliminates face-to-face meetings.