Bugcrowd Solutions for the Public Sector

Attack Surface Management

Digital transformation and the sudden growth of cloud and SaaS solutions has created seemingly insurmountable IT sprawl, challenging organizations to effectively map their entire attack surface before malicious compromise. While traditional asset discovery solutions provide a rules-based approach to surfacing shadow and legacy IT- they’re no match for the ever-evolving ingenuity of motivated human attackers. That’s why Bugcrowd launched Attack Surface Management– the first white hat hacker-enabled, platform-powered solution to help organizations find, prioritize and reduce unknown attack surface.

  • Visibility and Risk Reduction
    • See your entire attack surface.
    • Leverage a global network of uniquely skilled hackers incentivized to find forgotten or missed assets exactly as an attacker would, for the most organic approach to risk reduction possible.
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive risk profiling.
    • Customizable platform reporting with full-risk profile, method for attribution, as well as recommendations for securing identified assets, packaged and ready for executive review.
  • Migration to Active Testing
    • Don't just find more, do more.
    • Seamlessly migrate identified assets into new or existing Bug Bounty or Next Gen Pen Test programs to further reduce risk in assets you want to maintain.

Bug Bounty

Our fully-managed Bug Bounty programs combine analytics, automated security workflows, and human expertise to find and fix more critical vulnerabilities.

  • Continuous Coverage
    • Attackers don't take a day off - neither should your security.
    • Bugcrowd incentivizes uniquely-skilled hackers to continuously test your critical targets and applications. Whether it's a complex issue that's flown under the radar, or something new introduced with the latest release, we've got you covered.
  • Fully-Manged Triage with Remediation Advice
    • Give time back to your security team.
    • Bugcrowd's expert security engineers rapidly triage all vulnerabilities according to our VRT for a 95% signal-to-noise ratio.

Vulnerability Disclosure

Security feedback about all of your internet-facing assets from anyone, anywhere. Bugcrowd's fully managed vulnerability disclosure programs provide a framework to securely accept, triage, and rapidly remediate vulnerabilities submitted from the blogal security community.

  • Risk Management
    • What's the plan for tracking vulnerabilities found by external parties?
    • Un-actioned vulnerabilities put your business and customers at risk. Bugcrowd's fully-managed VDP creates a reliable and repeatable mechanism for accepting, prioritzing, and quickly actioning vulnerabilities that may have otherwise gone unreported, or unacknowledged.
  • Operation Efficiency
    • You're tracking incoming submissions, now what?
    • Bugcrowd triages and prioritizes all submissions to help you focus on what matters most: fixing vulnerabilities.

Next Gen Pen Test

Better coverage, better results. Bugcrowd Next Gen Pen Test combines the collective creativity of the Crowd with methodology-driven reports you need to meet compliance requirements.

  • Continuous Coverage
    • Multiply impact with dedicated team for 24/7 coverage.
    • Next Gen Pen Test multiplies approaches and impact, incentivizing a broader pool of resources to follow a methodology-driven assessment while continuously surfacing vulnerabilities.
  • Coverage Analysis and Assurance
    • Provide development the information needed to fix faster and build better.
    • Traffic Control technology enables activity verification, access control, and unsurpassed information about how vulnerabilities were discovered for advanced coverage analysis.

Bug Bash

Accelerated approach to risk reduction. Bugcrowd Bug Bashes are live, 1-2 day hacking events that bring your team together with the world's top whitehat hackers in a fun, interactive, and educational environment to accelerate the discovery of critical vulnerabilities.

  • Elevate Program Visibility and Results
    • Energize your program and find more vulnerabilities.
    • Bug Bashes often result in 80-100 reports per day depending on targets, with over 75% valid submissions and 15% critical/high impact bugs. Focus on a specific software or API release, or broaden your coverage.
  • Deepen Relationships with Elite Testers
    • Create relationships that last long after the weekend ends.
    • On average, customers see a 25% increase in report volume in the 90 days following a Bug Bash. Generate interest in and streamline future programs by encouraging collaboration between your team and the Crowd.