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Building Better Service-User Experiences

Bucher + Suter is a Cisco-dedicated vendor offering contact center and collaboration solutions designed to simultaneously improve agent and service-user experience whilst facilitating seamless and efficient external and internal interactions.

Bucher + Suter offers the complete suite of Webex communication, contact center, collaboration, and customer experience products whilst also offering its own portfolio of solutions for both Webex and Cisco Contact Centers - designed to help its clients maximize their technology investments.

Bucher + Suter enables enhanced communication and collaboration, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to meet the unique challenges and demands of the public sector. This leads to more efficient and coordinated operations across the board. For instance, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions all stand to benefit from the solutions through improved service-user communication, streamlined information exchange, and improved service delivery.

In the public sector, where budget constraints are often a significant concern, Bucher + Suter's own portfolio of products designed for the Webex and Cisco Contact Center platforms, as well as the most popular CRM systems in the country, offer notable cost-effectiveness. By optimizing resource utilization, Bucher + Suter's solutions, like b+s Connects - the CRM integration software that offers contact center agents a unified CRM-based desktop, help reduce operational costs. This aspect of cost savings is coupled with the strategic advantage of Bucher + Suter's and Cisco's emphasis on robust security features and compliance standards. Given the sensitive nature of data in the public sector, their products ensure protection against data breaches.

In addition, all of Bucher + Suter's solutions offer scalability and adaptability. They are designed to cater to the diverse and ever-evolving needs of the public sector, be it a small local agency or a large federal department. This flexibility ensures that as the requirements of public sector entities change and expand, their communication and collaboration systems can adapt seamlessly, providing long-term value and utility.

Products like Bucher + Suter's analytics and reporting solution b+s CCBI equips public sector contact center managers with valuable insights, aiding in strategic decision-making and improving operational efficiency. b+s CCBI enhances contact center transparency and accountability by making it easier for stakeholders to access and understand operational data.

Finally, Bucher + Suter’s commitment to providing continuous support and training is a testament to their dedication to their clients’ success. This support ensures that public sector entities can fully leverage the benefits of these solutions and address any challenges promptly and efficiently.

In summary, through its innovative products and services and its extensive Cisco and Webex expertise, Bucher + Suter significantly contributes to more effective, secure, and efficient public sector contact center and collaboration operations. Their solutions directly benefit public services and, by extension, the citizens they serve, demonstrating a significant impact on efficiency and service-user experience.