Bryq Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Talent Acquisition

    For agencies seeking to understand at-a-glance whether candidates applying for a role are a good fit. The product provides metrics in several areas such as

    ● Boost quality of hire with predictive performance analytics and matching based on 20 different factors, combining cognitive skills and personality traits in the most accurate prediction index

    ● Reduce screening time by instantly screening for predicted performance

    ● Faster, Better Interviews with bespoke interview guides that enable structured interviews, focusing on what counts

    ● Bias reduction and Diversity metrics making compliance with EEOC and other frameworks such as the NYC AI Bias Local Law easy and helping create a diverse workforce that is representative of the community it serves

    ● Comprehensive candidate assessment for cognitive and personality skills, culture indicators and emotional intelligence

    ● Anonymization option to hide all personal information about a candidate, minimizing bias

    ● Candidate ranking based on objective data - not resumes - thus reducing unconscious bias

    ● Candidate results comparison to gain a deeper insight into the candidate that is right for your company

    ● Webcam proctoring ensures the candidate you are interviewing is the one who took the assessment

    Bryq becomes a seamless part of your recruitment process, by automatically assessing candidates to help you see which roles they would be a great fit for. Bryq integrates well with common Applicant Tracking Systems and other tools, and is available in 20 languages.

  • Talent Insights

    For corporations looking to promote from within, foster a culture of L&D and save on recruitment costs.

    ● Role optimization at the push of a button for predictive performance analytics based on your employees and what makes them successful, not generic norms

    ● Highly accurate 9-Box models enabling you to understand at-a-glance which employees are top performers or better suited for other roles

    ● Continuous improvement loop so that your processes can keep up with a constantly evolving business environment

    ● Employee portal providing self-service options

    ● Corporate culture - enabling you to visualize and compare teams, locations or even countries in terms of Culture

    ● Internal mobility enabling you to find the ideal opportunity for every employee

    ● Talent discovery helping you to find the ideal employee for difficult-to-fill positions

    ● L&D planning based on your employees’ chosen career paths

    ● Team Insights allowing teams to understand how employees can optimally work together

  • Culture

    Bryq's Culture offerings are designed to empower organizations to build and nurture a thriving workplace culture.

    ● Cultural Pillars Identification: Bryq assists organizations in identifying their cultural values and pillars, providing a clear direction for hiring strategies that will elevate their culture.

    ● Culture Definition: Bryq helps organizations understand the essence of their culture, defined as the shared beliefs between a company and its employees. This understanding forms the foundation for all talent management strategies.

    ● Culture Indicator: Bryq's Culture Indicator is a powerful tool that allows organizations to compare every candidate and employee against their cultural values. This ensures every new hire brings you closer to your target culture, enhancing the overall organizational performance.

    ● Culture Add: Bryq emphasizes the importance of not just hiring for culture fit, but for culture add. This approach focuses on hiring talent that will not only align with your existing culture but will also enrich and evolve it.