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State and local governments today face heightened pressure to meet citizen requests and improve workforce experiences, all while adhering to security and compliance requirements. From field work, to public health and safety, public works, libraries, social services, and back-office operations, the Content Cloud for government empowers teams to get more done from anywhere. That means seamless agency collaboration, faster case intake and processing, and secure access to critical information.

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  • Accelerate case management

    Speed up citizen services by managing incident reports, permit applications, patient records, and other case files in a secure, central location. With digital claim intake and processing from any device and custom-built portals, you can automate government document management and focus more on stakeholder needs.

    See how DC Office of the Attorney General uses Box >>

  • Simplify interagency collaboration

    Within state and local government, information for any assignment flows across different agencies and jurisdictions. Box helps you create secure, collaborative workspaces across local, state, and federal agency lines, centralizing everything from citizen applications and identity documents, to parcel maps, urban forest plans, LIDAR files, schematics, and other assets that fuel your jurisdiction’s processes.

    See how the City of Elgin uses Box >>

  • Improve citizen experiences

    Your citizens expect a seamless, digital experience. With a secure digital portal, you can optimize citizen requests and engagement with easy uploading, editing, and sharing. Whether you’re talking forms, tax documents, or other public requests, you drive fast, frictionless online and mobile services to better serve the public.

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Streamline cloud services for government

Case management image

Case management

Reduce the burden on citizen service centers by digitizing claims. Accelerate claim intake, processing, and archiving.

Field operations image

Field operations

Improve accuracy with digital inspections. Get real-time access to content like maintenance manuals, case files, maps, and blueprints.

Hybrid workplace image

Hybrid workplace

Enable employees to get work done, whether in person or remote, while ensuring sensitive data remains secure and compliant.

Citizen engagement image

Citizen engagement

Optimize citizen requests and engagement with modern, digitized experiences. Deliver seamless online and mobile services.

Records management image

Records management

Records management Digitize and secure regulated content in accordance with compliance regulations and jurisdiction requirements.

Human resources image

Human resources

Speed up employee onboarding with e-signatures, centralize PII, and give employees controlled access to personal information.

Public Safety Image

Public Safety

Modernize public safety and law enforcement workflows by speeding up evidence capture for police, attorneys, and department personnel. Move investigative analysis and discovery forward faster. And do it all while maintaining chain of custody and staying compliant.

Finance and Operations Image

Finance and operations

Manage and automate processes from audits to annual planning with cross-agency collaboration, while ensuring effective enterprise security, compliance, and records management. Enhance the workforce experience with access to content from anywhere and on any device. Automate workflows like e-signatures and approvals.

Health and human services Image

Health and human services

Protect and improve citizen health and human services with faster Medicare claim and approval processes and digital coordination of patient case files across the extended care network. Plus, optimize child and family support services with mobile-enabled case files.

Public Safety Image

Outdoors and recreation

Transform park operations or after-dark program planning with remote mobile access to documents in the field and seamless integrations across resource planning systems. With simple collaboration and document request capabilities, you streamline the exchange of information with the public.

Public Works Image

Public works

Power faster construction projects across transportation and port authorities by enabling transparent license and permit approval processes, subcontractor management and inspections, and blueprint file sharing and collaboration.

City services Image

City services

Transform citizen services by enabling a secure online portal for permit applications, zoning requests, tax and fee submissions, document requests, and job applications. Citizens participate in real-time case processing, and employees seamlessly send document requests, provide updates and collaborate on files with citizens.


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