BlocPower Solutions for the Public Sector

  • BlocMaps

    BlocMaps™ is a data analytics and mapping platform that can identify locations for instituting energy efficiency measures. BlocMaps™ uses AI and machine learning to compute energy savings and for locating and planning energy efficiency projects. If you’re a municipal government, BlocMaps is your one-stop shop to leverage building and environmental justice data to customize a beneficial electrification program for your city. Using data driven insights to create equitable decarbonization.

  • Program Design and Management

    From building electrification and decarbonization to training the next generation of the green economy, BlocPower is your partner to make your city or town smarter, greener and healthier — for all. BlocPower uses technology driven insights to create programs that scale for your city, with an eye on community engagement, workforce development, and local partners. BlocPower works with cities, big and small, to create, design, and launch programs to promote green healthy buildings.

  • Workforce Development

    BlocPower is building the climate tech workforce America needs — one community at a time. We focus on recruiting and training individuals who would otherwise be left out of the clean energy workforce, by providing paid training opportunities, wraparound services, and connections to top employers. More information can be found here on our flagship program in New York City.

  • Financing

    BlocPower has created financing solutions to meet the needs of every building. We offer a zero money down lease that has low monthly payments, while never requiring a lien on the property. The lease includes an operations and maintenance contract to make it worry free for up to 15 years. On top of that, all ancillary measures needed to reach decarbonization, like heat-pump hot water heaters, induction stoves, remediation, weatherization, electrical, etc. can be included in your project–as well as incentives. BlocPower is filling a financing gap in the access to decarbonization in multi-family and small commercial properties.

  • Advisory Services

    BlocPower has expertise from decarbonizing hundreds of buildings, working with dozens of municipalities, and supporting the federal government through partnerships with NREL, DOE, and the White House. Our expertise spans from program design, community development, project planning and execution, engineering and operations, emerging technologies, workforce development, AI and data analytics, and finance.