Bento Bio Solutions for the Public Sector and Regulatory Science

BENTO brings clinical trials and clinical care to patient doorsteps, no matter where that door is located.  BENTO enables decentralized clinical trial (DCT) and precision medicine protocols with best-in-class biosensing and biospecimen collection from anywhere in the world.  All BENTO kits and digital tools make clinical trial participation and safety monitoring a gamified, consumer-grade experience.

Technologies for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) and Precision Medicine

Unique Features:

  • Self-service testing & bio sampling capability is Gamified and Frictionless
  • Customizable for optimizing engagement with specific populations
  • Workflows for human genome, microbiome, and phenome

Key Benefits:

  • Digital platform for building OOBE
  • Unlimited geographic inclusion
  • Sustained engagement of diverse participants
  • Designed to inspire participant trust
  • Consumer-grade OOBE
  • Frictionless and gamified participation