Clinical trial technologies that radically reduce site, patient and sponsor burden

BENTO redefines the patient experience in the clinical trial enterprise, with proven results radically improving patient retention, diversity and representation — all while generating complete, continuous, high-conformity data for study sponsors and biorepository programs. 

Bento Biology Platforms (“BENTO”) moves the needle on health equity.  How?  With modern tools to ensure clinical research and precision  health missions are truly inclusive, accessible and engaging. 

As a BENTO public sector and industry distributor, Carahsoft works with BENTO and its Alliance partners to drive the future of clinical trials and make precision medicine accessible for all.   BENTO Alliance partners include a global group of study sponsors, patient advocacy groups, research laboratories, commercial laboratories, medical centers, tribal nations and Veteran-serving organizations.  

Our technology portfolio offers access to the full range of BENTO platforms, tools and services to drive clinical trial modernization and accessibility, including capabilities for: 

  • Modernizing Biospecimen Collection and Biobanking Operations 
  • Enabling Rural Access to Decentralized Clinical Trials, Distributed Medical Care and Digital Communities 
  • Enrollment Planning and Patient Recruitment, With Gamified Patient Engagement and Retention Technologies 
  • Clinical Supply Chain Logistics that Aligns Process, Products and Patients
  • Patient-Centric Trial Design, with a focus on  at-home technologies for DCT protocols 
  • Developing Effective Diversity Plans and Execute Recruiting and Accrual Implementation Plan
  • Risk Management and Safety Monitoring at the Edge 

Do we ASK :
How can our scalable platforms and fun tools help you bring your therapies to market with greater speed and better outcomes?