Bastille Solutions for the Public Sector

Bastille Enterprise

Permanent System for Single Room to Global Enterprise Deployment

Bastille’s real-time Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi detection and location system locates all authorized and unauthorized devices within a campus or forward deployed location, accurately places dots on a floor-plan map for device location and sends alerts when a device is found where it should not be or doing what it should not do.

  • Sample Devices Located
    • Cellular Phones: Individual phones located in real-time just by their cellular signal
    • Wearables: Smart watches such as Garmin Fenix, FitBit and Biometric Human Performance Monitors and other tactical gear.
    • Personal Medical Devices: Hearing aids
    • Laptops & Tablets
    • Any device emitting cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or BLE

    Bastille UI shows the office floor plan with location of Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices

  • Precise Real-Time Accurate Individual Device Location - Not Misty Heat Maps

    Other systems detect power in a certain frequency in an area and can’t tell you if there is one device or 10 devices in a room. Bastille’s multi-patented solution recognizes individual devices, including individual cellular signals, and places a real-time dot on your floor plan to show where the device is located… which eliminates false positives.

  • Deploy and GEOFENCE (in/out) for SCIF and Open Secret Environments

    Bastille is 100% passive and can be deployed where no transmitters are permitted. Bastille can set geo-fences to include or exclude areas where devices are/not allowed and send real-time alerts when devices are located and/or policies are violated.

  • Authorized vs Unauthorized Devices

    Commands want to permit only certain authorized devices in SCIF/Open Secret areas, and Bastille makes this possible. Bastille takes feeds from any other system e.g. Aruba where a device has been authorized, and/or gives the ability to tag specific devices as authorized for a given location and/or time.

    Bastille Sensor arrays passively detect and locate Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE and many more RF-enabled devices.

  • Device Pairing Red Alerts

    Bastille detects and Red Alerts if device pairing ever happens e.g. a Garmin Fenix pairs with a phone in a locker or car outside the Open Secret area. Even BLE devices can pair up to 100 metres or more!

  • Detailed Device Information

    Bastille passively determines more than 150 fields of information from devices including manufacturer, model, name, network connection, frequency, and transmitter ID among other fields. This data provides valuable context for both forensic and real-time device determination and adjudication.

  • Forensics

    Accurate locations and device information in DVR format for a year or longer to permit detailed investigations for insider threat. Exports to Splunk, Tableau or any other system via standard APIs.

  • Canned Splunk & Other Enterprise Integrations

    Bastille’s standards based APIs allow simple integration with all your existing systems like Splunk, SIEMs, Incident Response Platforms, Wi-Fi WIDS and Access Points without the need for additional modules.

  • Global Deployment

    Bastille gives you a single GUI which can monitor local and your worldwide deployments.

  • Device Adjudication Workflow

    Bastille allows you to DETECT all devices, EVALUATE if a certain device is permitted in an area and if it presents a threat, INVESTIGATE the device with detailed device information and RESOLVE the incident and record the actions taken.

Bastille Flyaway Kit

Real-time, 24/7, 100% Passive RF Monitoring Delivering Accurate Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi device detection, identification and location

Bastille is the established leader in real-time Cellular, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi detection and location systems. The Bastille FlyAway Kit offers a portable and rapid set-up solution for temporary and forward deployed locations. Set up in a couple of hours, the Bastille FlyAway Kit can detect and locate unauthorized and authorized Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi devices operating within an area up to 5,000 sq. feet such as a conference meeting room, tent site, remote office, hotel room or speaking location.

  • Detect and Locate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE Devices in 30 Minutes and Cellular Phones in 90 Minutes
    • All you need: Pelican case, 5 sensors, mini-switch, laptop, cat6 cables
    • Same GUI as Bastille Enterprise: Shows dots on a map for device location
    • Rapid deployment: Detect and locate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE devices in 30 minutes and cellular phones in 90 minutes
    • Deployment-ready: Laptop-based fusion center and GUI
    • Stand-alone system: (Option to upload to the Enterprise version post deployment)

    Fully Self-Contained, Deployable Bastille System in a Pelican Case

    Example Use Cases:

    • Enforce ‘No Cell Phone’ or device policy: Enforce no cell phone policy for a temporary or forward deployed facility
    • Secure meeting areas: Detect transmitting electronic devices in secure meeting areas
    • Prevent voice and data exfiltration: Detect wireless devices and Red Alert Upon
      events such as Bluetooth Pairing
    • Scan tent sites, buildings and remote offices: Scan a room or building to understand the presence and location of all emitters/transmitters and building systems
    • TSCM: Scan and monitor an area for unapproved electronic devices
    • Extend Bastille Enterprise to remote offices: Deliver Bastille’s capabilities to a remote office or temporary location
  • Detect, Identify and Locate Personal Electronic and Other Wireless Devices or Networks

    Outside of secure facilities, government employees and military operatives may have some combination of a cell phone in their pocket, a Bluetooth Low Energy linked health monitor on their wrist, a Wi-Fi enabled tablet in their backpack and a

    Bluetooth headset, or maybe a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid. However, when they enter a secure facility— be it a permanent location or temporary one, which wireless devices they can use, how they can use them and when changes dramatically. Whereas cell phones may never be allowed in the most sensitive of areas, and especially in certain temporary locations, agencies are increasingly willing to allow certain other authorized wireless devices for some people, some or all of the time.

    Bastille gives you visibility into the wireless devices in your space. Where they are and if/when they pair to other devices. This allows for 24x7 enforcement of device policy for Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth and BLE protocols, even if the devices are inadvertently brought into areas where they should not be brought into, or inadvertently not put in airplane mode. If your policy is ‘No Cell Phones’ Bastille will detect all cell phones if they enter a secure area. If you need to permit certain operatives to bring an approved tablet into a secured area, we will permit that device, but alert if similar unapproved devices attempt to enter the same space. Also, if an unapproved device is brought into a facility powered down, we will alert when that device is powered on.

    Bastille Flyaway Kit Features Include:

    • Cellular, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi device detection
    • Location of devices with a dot on a floor-plan map
    • Detailed device information up to 150 fields per device
    • DVR and forensics
    • Rapid deployment: detect and locate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE devices in 30 minutes and Cellular phones in 90 minutes
    • Runs with or without monitoring for an hour, day, week, month or more
    • Coverage area 3,000 sq. ft
    • FCC certified 100% passive operation
    • Future Proofed Software Defined Radio (SDR) sensor arrays

    Typical Workflow with Bastille Flyaway Kit:

    • BASELINE: Scan an area to create a base-line, identify devices and networks
    • AUTHORIZE/REMOVE: Authorize, remove or disable devices/systems
    • MONITOR: Monitor for and alert when new devices/networks arrive
    • EXIT SCAN: Compare end deployment scan to initial baseline scan and act upon any changes

    Sensor Deployment

    The Bastille FlyAway Kit is a fully self-contained unit for real-time, 24/7 Cellular, Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi Device Detection, Identification and Location. It covers an area up to 3,000 square feet and can detect and locate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and BLE devices within 30 minutes, and Cellular phones within 90 minutes.

    The Bastille FlyAway Kit includes all necessary components for field use:

    • One power conditioning unit for power smoothing at remote locations
    • 600 ft of Cat6 cabling
    • One mini-switch
    • One dedicated laptop
    • Five sensor elements

    Use the power of Bastille to detect, locate and alert on WI-FI, BLE, Bluetooth and Cellular devices in remote and temporary locations.