Bamboo Health Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Prescription Drug Monitoring

    Access PDMP data in clinical workflows to comply with state laws, save time, and make more informed prescribing and dispensing decisions.

    • NarxCare – Risk-scoring application to help prescribers and dispensers make informed decisions
    • PMP Gateway – The solution that integrates PDMP data directly in clinical workflows
    • PMP AWARxE – The nation’s most popular PDMP product, used by 40+ states and territories
  • Behavioral Health Capacity & Referral

    Create trusted, coordinated treatment networks and digital processes to expedite the path to care

    • OpenBeds – Referral and capacity management platform that tracks behavioral health providers and resources in a single, connected network
    • Crisis Management System – Mobile crisis management that expedites access to treatment
    • Treatment Connection – A public-facing assessment and referral site for substance use or mental health treatment
  • Care Coordination

    Connect disconnected members of care teams with relevant patient information to foster collaboration and improve outcomes.

    • Pings – Real-time notifications when patients experience care events
    • Route – Secure, compliant processing of patient event notifications
    • Stories – Relevant patient context at the right time, to the right user
    • Callouts – A digital channel to share contextual patient/member information
    • Spotlights – Interactive dashboard of a healthcare organization’s performance metrics