Armada Solutions for the Public Sector

Commander Connect

A single platform to purchase, control, monitor, and optimize your Starlink terminals and connected assets across your entire ecosystem.


Effortlessly procure and manage your Starlink network

  • Procure Starlink terminals and services plans on behalf of the customer.
  • Seamlessly activate service plans, and onboard assets into the Connect platform.
  • Pause / start service lines per customer requirements.
  • Dedicated Armada support via customer support tickets received through the Connect platform.
  • Advanced network configuration support as needed by the customer (bonding, QoS, etc.)
  • Software platform

    Take control, monitor, and optimize your Starlink terminals through a single pane of glass

  • Centrally manage your entire fleet of Starlink deployments from a single dashboard.
  • Enterprise-grade observability, management, and billing for all assets.
  • Monitor data usage and receive proactive alerts to avoid overages.
  • Advanced contextual alerts pertaining to fleet performance and asset health.
  • Receive diagnostics and troubleshooting support with Armada AI Assistant.
  • Make data-backed decisions with continuous AI-powered cost analysis and optimization.
  • Access Armada Marketplace of certified connectivity and IoT assets.
  • Armada Edge

    Ensures transformative processing at the edge with Armada's low latency & high-performance compute.
    Armada's Galleons redefine the standard for edge computing. These rapidly deployable, containerized modular and purpose-built data centers seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, from remote oil rigs to dynamic defense operations. Whether stationery or mobile, our hyper-converged solutions offer robust performance, reliability and connectivity, ensuring your edge operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

  • Galleons are portable, rapidly deployable, mobile data centers
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure includes ruggedized container, servers, and Starlink terminals
  • ISO Containers (20- and 40-ft) purpose-built for oil rigs, manufacturing, agriculture, mines
  • Prefabricated mobile container ideal for freight trains, planes, and defense
  • Armada EdgeAI

    Empower the remote edge with the computational capabilities of generative AI, real-time computer vision, and multimodal AI.
    Armada EdgeAI is a suite of foundational applications built for operational use cases at the Edge.

  • EdgeDetect: Real-time detection and recognition from streaming videos
  • EdgeAssist: Industry-specific conversational AI assistant
  • EdgeNarrate: Narrate events and descriptions of scenes and activities in video
  • EdgeVisualQnA: Answer questions about scenes and events in video
  • EdgeInsight: Uncover actionable insights from raw data streams