Capability Domains met by archTIS

NC Protect

NC Protect allows organizations to help meet CMMC System & Information Integrity requirements with the following capabilities:

  • Identify and manage information flaws to assess if sensitive information being stored in the wrong place or allowing incorrect user access.
  • Implement advanced email protections to prevent users from accidentally emailing sensitive data, sending it to the wrong recipient or stealing data via email.
  • Replace attachments with a link to a secure web viewer or file URL that requires additional authentication and verification.
  • Prevent admins from viewing documents in the sent mail folders of other users or collaboration tools: SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.
  • Tag and manage Federal Contract Information (FCI), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and other sensitive information that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with laws, regulations, and government-wide policies.