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Information Management and Archiving Platform Built for the Cloud

Since 2012, Archive360’s enterprise information management and archiving platform has been implemented by Federal, State and Local governments to securely migrate their digital data to the cloud and responsibly manage it for today’s regulatory, legal and business intelligence obligations. Our public sector customers achieve this by automatically applying context around the classification, retention, disposition, search, analysis and management of all data - structured and unstructured – and electronic records including files, videos, audio, CRM, ERP, emails/electronic communication, social media - while maintaining full control over security, privacy, access, and compliance.

Experience and Trust

Archive360 accelerates the ability for agencies to respond to FOIA requests and eDiscovery needs, quickly, and with extreme accuracy. Archive360 meets the specific needs of federal, state and local FOIA requests and investigatory teams worldwide.  We are FedRAMP authorized and equipped with a GSA Schedule Contract.

Cloud Native

Archive360’s platform utilizes the Azure PaaS cloud model, giving customers direct control over their data, data security and costs, including proactively adjusting application performance based on changing needs in the organization.

Zero-Trust Security

Some of the most security-conscious organizations and government agencies in the world rely on Archive360 to actively retain and manage their most sensitive data in the cloud to establish, protect, and control the security of their data and encryption. Our Zero-Trust security model and patent-pending Gateway Security architecture allows every customer to implement information security protocols that address their specific requirement and protect data at the file and field level in transit, at rest and in use.  


Archive360 is cloud-neutral and fully configurable to enable every customer to address their specific needs and protocols for security, regulatory, legal and infrastructure needs. We ensure zero vendor lock-in by storing customer data in its native format, in the customer’s cloud, with their security and controls.

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